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Tiger football spring game Friday has W-W, Greenbrier, and Putnam

New linemen are learning how to stay low, remain stable, and be mobile. New linemen are learning how to stay low, remain stable, and be mobile. For Tiger football fans who just can’t stand that it has been so long since the blue and gold took the field, this Friday night is the night. At the end of two weeks of spring practice, the latest edition of the W-W ironclads will see how the new lineup fares against a couple of higher-Class opponents.

The 2018 spring game will be held in Putnam County at the War Eagles’ stadium and will be a three-way contest between Putnam County, Greenbrier, and Washington Wilkes. Game time is 6:30 p.m. Admission is $5.

Each team will play each other team for one half. Putnam and Greenbriar will start it off and play a half. After a 15-minute break the Tigers will take a shot at Greenbrier, and then after another 15-minute break, Putnam will step back in to face the Tigers.

The contest will be just like a real game but there will be no special teams. Everything else will be the same including full contact and “official” officials.

“We had a really, really good first week,” Tiger Head Coach Chad Alligood said early this week. “Everybody was there every day and we got a lot better from Monday to Friday.”

And he’s happy with where the team is and with the progress the players have made since last season. “You can really tell we are going into year two,” he said. “Everybody knows the routine and we’re not starting from scratch. We’re not having to install anything, we’re just refreshing everybody’s memory.”

Alligood went so far as to say that after just five days of practice, the team is comparable to where they were during the playoffs in many respects, and has been able to pick right back up.

“We are a lot farther along this spring and we’re finding some bright spots with some of the kids,” the coach commented. “We were hoping that they could play and they are showing that they can. It’s been a really good spring.”

Having lost a big senior class, Tiger coaches have been trying to see who’s going to step up, who’s going to do this or that, and who’s capable of filling those holes. And coaches have their eyes on five or six kids who are proving that they can get that job done.

“After Friday, we should know who’s going to play where and what they can do,” Alligood said.

“Offensively we are a little ahead of our defense because we are returning eight guys on offense,” he continued. “That has been nice. When you return your quarterback, most of your skill players, and three out of five linemen, you are able to do some things really quick.”

The defense is presenting a little more of a challenge because only four starters are returning. That makes it something of a rebuilding period. However, there are quite a few Tigers who got plenty of defensive playing time last year but just were not starters. “So we will still have some good experience coming back,” Alligood pointed out.

He said he is satisfied with his numbers, reporting that “We are at 58 and as long as we stay around 60, that’s where we need to be. Next year, I’d like to see us up to about 65.

“That’s a lot for Class A but it’s not a lot for here. If we can keep that 15-18 kids per class we will be in good shape.”

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