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Tiger ‘300 for $200’ drive still alive for the benefit of all W-W athletics

The Tiger Club and W-W Athletic Director Chad Alligood will be continuing in their effort to raise $60,000 for W-W Tiger athletics throughout the summer. The “300 for $200” drive is now seven weeks old and had already sold 100 of the 300 designated spots.

But the need to sell all 300 spots is real “so we can provide the best for our athletic department” Coach Alligood said.

He reminded potential sponsors that funding for the various Tiger sports programs has to be raised because no board of education funds can be used for athletics. “Everything we spend has to be raised or it has to come in through gate receipts,” he explained.

In the past year alone, for example, the W-W athletic department “Nobody has any idea about that,” Alligood said. “We have sports that we don’t sell $500 worth of tickets, we don’t even come close. Our gate receipts for most sports don’t cover many, many other expenses that need to be covered. The Tigers teams are on a rotation system for new uniforms and an average uniform costs $100-$150. Football uniforms are about $250 and Alligood says that’s on the low end.

“When you look at helmets, and shoulder pads, and bats, and balls, and everything needed equipment wise to run an athletic department, it runs into thousands of dollars that we have to spend,” he said. “I want to do things the right way, not class it takes funds to do that.”

As with anything, it’s also important to keep some money in the bank.

“We also want to save for a rainy day,” Alligood contined. “We know there are some big purchases that we want to make for some sports in the next few years and we want to have some money to be able to do that. We need a nice nest egg in the account just in case the corporate sponsorship drive doesn’t go well one year – or if football gate receipts are not good. You still have to operate whether it’s a good year or not.”

There is a big sign in front of Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School with 300 total spots on those who have sponsored the Tigers so far. Alligood and the Tiger Club summer is gone.

It’s easy. And even though The News-Reporter didn’t have room to run the entire form this week, readers news-reporter.com/news/2018-04- 26/PDF/Page_ 008.pdf . Plus, it will be included in the print edition multiple times before the end of the drive. It has already paid off – Alligood reports getting donations from people he doesn’t know from places in Florida, Ohio, and more just because they saw it in the paper.

The cutoff date is August 1.

“I challenge everybody to challenge their friends and neighbors and businesses to get on the board so we can show these athletes that this community is behind them,” Alligood said. “This money is used for all sports. This is how we run the entire athletic department.” school.

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