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Summer Concert Series continues; ‘a good place to build relationships’

A crowd of about 200 enjoyed the Oconee Rhythm Section Band on The Square last Saturday night. A crowd of about 200 enjoyed the Oconee Rhythm Section Band on The Square last Saturday night. Last Saturday night, June 9, the Oconee Rhythm Section Band entertained scores of people during the evening hours on The Square. The event was part of the Downtown Washington Summer Concert Series sponsored by the Main Street program coordinated by Elizabeth Elliott.

Besides the obvious enjoyment of those who attended, Washington Mayor Ames Barnett used the concert as an example of part of his vision for the city.

“There was a concert on The Square this weekend and there were about 200 people there, he began.

“I believe small towns across America have problems because of the lack of relationships,” he continued. “We don’t have manufacturing plants so we don’t really have places where I work beside you and you work beside me and we build relationships so we understand each other.”

Interestingly, Barnett’s remarks came at the end of Monday’s City Council meeting, just after a heated discussion concerning his residency. (See that report, also on this page.)

“The more you understand and the more relationships you have, the less strife you have because you understand each other,” he continued. “It’s not that we are all going to agree but it’s understanding our differences.

“When you have something like a movie night on The Square, to me, the reward and investment we get from the relationships being built are critical. I don’t know if you can put a value on that. I don’t know who was hanging out with who Saturday night, or who talked about what, but I can guarantee that the more we understand each other, the stronger the relationships will be in this community, and the stronger this community will be.

“To hear a concert and to see 200 people that came out was great. A relationship may be built that we would never know about or have the opportunity to kindle because of something this council did. I know some of this council has disagreed with it but now that it’s done and events like that happen, I hope that we see that there’s a benefit we can’t put a price tag on.”

Next on the schedule for the Summer Concert Series is “Pullin’ Strings,” set for Saturday, July 14, and then John Dunn and the Jazzman Band on August 11.

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