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Kitty Bits

Beware of phone scams

Last week we mentioned the utility scam phone calls that are being made. The scammers are still busy trying to fool people. Sherri Bailey of the City of Washington reported city power customers receiving the annoying phone calls. She posted this reminder on the city’s Facebook page. “Warning: If you receive a call from someone saying your power will be cut off today if you don’t pay them over the phone, it is a scam! A citizen just received such a call. This scam has been going around for a while and all utility providers have been targeted. The City of Washington cuts off on the 4th of the month and we never cut off on weekends. Always be leery of anyone requesting a payment over the phone. Always call your utility provider if you ever receive a call you suspect of being a scam.” And make sure you report it to the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office.


A recent Facebook post of puns and funny captions on a street-side sign caught our attention. Our son-in-law loves puns, much to our daughter’s aggravation. When the post appeared we immediately thought of Mitchell. We are including a few for those of you who may not have Facebook accounts and would also enjoy them.

“The man who fell into an upholstery machine is fully recovered.”

“Past, present, and future walked into a bar. It was tense.”

“A bike in town keeps running me over. It’s a vicious cycle.”

“IS2A3F4E5T6Y7 Safety in numbers.”

“I before E except after C disproved by science.”

“Research shows that 6 out of 7 dwarves aren’t Happy.”

There are more, but we will save those for another time. Or should we say, “another thyme?” . SmartAsset.com emailed us some information about a study they conducted saying, “Some counties deliver a greater return on residents’ property taxes than others. A study by financial technology company SmartAsset compares counties across the U.S., measuring local crime rates and school quality relative to effective property tax rates. Wilkes County ranked among the best in Georgia for value compared to taxes paid.” According to the study Wilkes County ranks #2 in the state of Georgia (behind Chattahoochee at #1) and 51st nationally. Now we aren’t mathematicians, analysts, or statisticians, but they explain their methodology on the website for those who want to learn more.


Remember the Washington Little Theater’s Showcase of Talent that will be held this Saturday night, September 15, at 7:30 p.m. The proceeds from this show will help with much-needed repairs to the playhouse.


Reese Smith will have his lemonade and peanut stand open on Hwy. 78 this Saturday, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The update on the Reese’s Friends Facebook page announced a whopping total of $4200 raised the first week after the opening home game at UGA! An account at F&M Bank is also set up to take donations for Reese’s Friends. We can’t wait to see how much he raises after this second Georgia home game. He is a social media celebrity and we know this is only the beginning of big things for this little guy! We all love Reese! We remember when he was a tiny little thing, a patient at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, and we had a photo of Reese sporting a green John Deere outfit tacked to the office wall as a reminder to pray for him each day. This community’s prayers for that sweet baby boy have been answered. And now he is trying to raise funds so that other children in need of the hospital’s services can be given that same gift of health. What an awe-inspiring soul he is! We can certainly all learn a thing or two from him.


Debbie McLeod told us that the old photo of her in last week’s paper was taken about 40 years ago when she was working with Billy Thornton at WLOV radio.


Borrowing from the September 9, 1993 issue of The News-Reporter and “This week in local history” compiled by Irvin Cheney Jr. we find some interesting bits. The “years ago” have been updated and are in comparison to 2018. 100 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK

Wilkes County has been saddened to learn that two of her finest young men have been killed in battle in France. Leon F. Hewell and Grady M. Cochran have given their all in “the war to end all wars.”

A good board sidewalk out Grand View way would be a great improvement over the mud and slush that pedestrians have to wade through in rainy weather now.


Major A.T. Colley, Commandant of the University of Georgia ROTC, will be transferred at once to Fort Oglethorpe, according to War Department orders.

A wedding of wide interest was that of Miss Katie Brown to Mr. Charles Wickersham, which took place Saturday.

The numerous friends of Miss Mary Helen Hynes and Miss Marie Saint-Gaudens regret that they are leaving Washington to make their home in Sarasota, Florida.


On Thursday, the community was shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Marion V. Smith, 50.

WANTED: Yellow jacket nest. Will remove from your yard, garden, or walk without any charge to you. Just call 46. This is interesting on a couple of levels. First…only two digits to phone numbers 75 year ago? And second…why look for a yellow jacket nest?…unless you are a Bulldog fan looking to play a joke on a Georgia Tech fan! We wonder if anyone responded to the classified ad. KB The Woman’s Club was the scene of an impromptu dance Tuesday evening, given for an advance party of a Tank Destroyer Battalion, who were en route to Camp Gordon after maneuvers in Tennessee, and camped overnight on C.D. Colley’s place. Mrs. H.H. Johnson, Vo- Hammie Johnson, Nona Caroline Quinn, and Lelia Cheney arranged the dance on a moment’s notice, while Mrs. H.T. Harris and Mrs. J.G. Wright prepared refreshments. Mrs. Frank Thomas and Mrs. Frank Simpson played dance music and popular songs.


In the election Tuesday, H.A. Beard defeated Tommy S. Thornton 1,880 to 1,085, with three precincts yet to report. Wilson Callaway led Sam Harris and Louise L. Williams for Tax Commissioner, though it appears there will be a runoff between Mr. Callaway and Mrs. Williams.

The new waterworks, which doubles the capacity of the city system, is now in operation.

The Tigers lost the season opener with Lincolnton 7-0, despite gaining more yards on the ground and in the air. See below KB

And from that same issue we find this…


The Tigers lost the opener to Lincoln County 8-0. The loss to Lincoln was a disappointment to one of the largest crowds of Tiger fans in recent games, but the game did follow form. The Tigers played well against a truly fine opponent. They gave it all they had. They will win their share of games. Unfortunately, their share this year did not include Lincoln County. So 50 years ago and 25 years ago the Lincolnton team won. This season the Tigers will face the Red Devils in Lincolnton on September 28. Let’s get a win! KB


A Washington truck driver became the third Georgia Millionaire Lottery winner Saturday, September 4, in a drawing at Columbus, but he says it won’t change him. One of five finalists over the state, Virgil “Buddy” Price, 38, will receive $1,000 a week for the rest of his life, with a guaranteed minimum of $1 million. Asked how he intends to use the money, Price showed he has his head on straight. “I’m going to pay all my bills, fix up my house, and put back enough for my sons’ education.”


The third light pole was dedicated this week on The Square by the Downtown Development Authority. The pole was given by Dr. and Mrs. Dan Duggan in memory of Raymond Rochford Johnson and Elizabeth Barksdale Johnson, Mrs. Duggan’s parents. The light pole given by the Duggans is located across from the Fitzpatrick Hotel which was previously owned by the Johnson family.


John Wright Boyd Jr. who died on August 19, 1993, will be remembered by many Wilkes Countians. Notable among these are the Wilkes Academy students and teachers. So many were inspired to seek higher learning and their college records have revealed mathematical skills of the highest type when applied to their respective careers.


Leah Stevens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Stevens, was five years old on August 13 and celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese’s in Augusta.


Teachers at the W-W Primary School might think they’re seeing double with six sets of twins enrolled this year. The twins are Latria and Maurice Willis, children of Carolyn Willis, Lucas and Logan Woodall, sons of Claire and Steve Woodall, Catrina and Christina Allen, daughters of Elizabeth Allen; Nichole and Samantha Poss, daughters of Cecile and Kenneth Poss, Ty and Shi-regis Ferguson, children of Vinita Graves, and Lakasha and Latasha Mariney, daughters of Susie Mariney. Now, this was only the twins in the primary school! We wonder how many sets of twins are enrolled in the Wilkes County system this year. Considering our population, six sets of twins in one school is a record that probably won’t be broken! Let us know if it has been. KB


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