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Sing while you work…is the motto of Ms. Hattie Blakey. As I was shopping at Dollar General last week I heard a lady singing. I decided to stick around to hear more. She was singing her heart out and everyone in the store was benefitting from it. Her singing made me think she was happy therefore she was spreading that happiness around. I know some people who sing in the shower, but not me. I hum because I can’t remember words to songs. I have heard people who sing while they clean house or do other work. It makes the work go faster. Some people whistle while they work. Now I have tried to whistle, but it was impossible. I found out why. I measured my upper lip and it is longer than others. A long upper lip cannot whistle. So, Ms. Hattie Blakey, I want you to continue your singing wherever you go and maybe others who hear you can benefit from it.

. When I was giving the children’s sermon Sunday morning I talked to the kids about rules and told them about the Ten Commandments. I told them about loving their neighbors as themselves and one little boy who lives out in the country, spoke up with, “I don’t have any neighbors!” Another said, “I don’t have any neighbors either, but I have an empty house next door.” I didn’t have time to explain what I meant by neighbors, so I hope parents will help me out there. Most of the children said they like rules. I’m so glad! This reminds me of a time when I received a letter from a little boy named Marcus. He said, “I love Mrs. Gammon very very much. I love Mrs. Gammons family and I like her nabers. From Marcus”.

. Gloria Ware went to Milledgeville last Wednesday and had lunch with family members.

. Those from this area camping in Cherokee over the Labor Day holidays were Graydon and Pat Bobo, Danny and Tammy Price, David, Joy, and Jack Martin with D.J. joining them later, Clyde and Cissy Rogers and joining them Friday night and the weekend were Myles, Brooke, Whitney, Jordan, and Molly Dawson. They celebrated Whitney’s 16th birthday over the weekend.

. Spending the day with Alex and Kay Tyler Sunday a week ago were Gena, Jordan, Caleb, and Sydney Tyler. Greg Tyler was in India at that time riding elephants and battling with the daily traffic with cows and motor scooters on the same highway.

. The members of Mallorysville Baptist were glad to have joining them for the day Sunday, Cory and Kirby Rhodes, Parker and Sam. They were here visiting Neal and Kelly Wilson.

. Daniel and Gloria Wheeler visited with Leon and Linda Aycock last Thursday night.

. Ralph and Mary Will Denard spent Labor Day holidays at Yonah Mountain Campground. They enjoyed visiting with friends and eating out together.

. David and Nancy Hilley went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and spent Tuesday of last week through Friday to attend the Shades of the Past car show.

. There was a big AWANA Blastoff Party Sunday night at Tignall Baptist. They had a bouncy house, face painting, lots of water activities and yes, they all got very wet. It ended with a hotdog and popcorn party inside the Fincher Center.

. Don’t forget Tignall Baptist will be having Homecoming service on September 23. Don’t miss a wonderful day of worship as we reflect on 120 years of Tignall Baptist Church history. Former pastor Rev. Tim Dilbeck will preach and former member, Lem LeRoy will lead in music along with a guest violinist. There will be a meal after the service. Everyone should bring a covered dish to accompany the meat provided by the church.

. We extend sympathy to the family of Frank Chafin.

. Please keep the following people in our prayers this week: Tom Wells, Melvin Tucker, Forrest Cofer, Christy Skinner, Chris Reid, Holly Clayton Treadwell, Dean Mansfield, Bubba Gunn (brother of Lillie Davis), Larry Fortson, Eric Nicholson, Duane White, Benny Cade, Cheryl Walker (sister of Susie Futch), Ivelisse Bolton, Graham Eason, Vicky Adams Batrous, Betty Shedd, Mazel Wolfe, Vickie Linares, Cheryl Bentley, Randall Denard, Melissa Clark, Ricardo Clark, Vernilla Clark, Nanci Faulk, David Ogletree, Keith Ware, Kathryn Anderson, Deborah Prince, J.W. Boatwright, Bonnie Boatwright, Pat Nieman, Jerry Wilson, Walter Branham, Debbie Lindsey, Adele Seymour, Barbara Smith, Jamie Edmond, James Baston, Brooke Pearson, Mary Kay Hall, George Dixon, and David Hilley.

. “Old age comes at a bad time.”

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