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City gets CHIP grant for $612,000 to help with housing opportunities

DCA Commissioner Christopher Nunn (second from right) presents a CHIP grant check to Washington’s (l-r) Marcus Dill, Sherri Bailey, and Maceo Mahoney. DCA Commissioner Christopher Nunn (second from right) presents a CHIP grant check to Washington’s (l-r) Marcus Dill, Sherri Bailey, and Maceo Mahoney. The City of Washington is the recipient of a $612,000 grant which can be used to help residents make down payments and rehabilitate their homes.

Washington is one of 15 communities in the state selected to receive grants ranging from $306,000 to $612,000 awarded through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) 2018 Community Home Investment Program (CHIP). The selected communities will contribute approximately $1.9 million in matching funds.

The CHIP grant check was presented recently at the DCA’s Fall Conference at the Great Wolf Lodge in LaGrange, Georgia. Representatives of the City of Washington included City Administrator Sherri Bailey, Community Development and Housing Director Marcus Dill, and Councilman Maceo Mahoney.

“CHIP gives us a critical tool that lets us work with communities to increase the supply of safe and affordable housing,” said DCA Commissioner Christopher Nunn. “One of the most useful elements of this tool is that funds can be used to help with home repairs for folks who otherwise may not have the resources to get the work done.”

The program helps local governments, nonprofit organizations, and public housing authorities provide safe and affordable housing in their communities. Funds may be used to provide eligible low- and moderate income households with the means to assist with homeowner rehabilitation; and to build new single family homes for resale to low- and moderate-income homebuyers.

For instance, CHIP funds may be used to make HVAC upgrades, install a new roof, repair foundation issues, upgrade plumbing and electrical work, remove lead-based paint, or make any repairs needed to make a home safe and secure. The goal of the program is to expand the supply of, and access to, safe and affordable housing in Georgia’s communities.

The City of Washington in partnership with Hands On Washington, Inc. applied for the 2018 CHIP grant in November 2017. The grant application was written by Barbara Bacon, director of Hands-On Washington. The City will use the funding to build four new single-family houses on Norman Street for sale to eligible low- and moderate-income home-buyers.

The Washington Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is serving as the developer on behalf of the City on the four homes. As the developer, the URA will choose the house plans, select the contractor to build the houses, and work with prospective home-buyers.

For more information on the single family homes for sale and how to qualify for one, contact Dill at 706-678-3277.

A portion of the $612,000 awarded will go to five eligible low- and moderate-income households to help with repairs on their houses. However, the selection process for the owner-occupied repair program is over. For more information on Hands-On Washington and future grant opportunities, contact Bacon at 706-678-4480.

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