2018-11-08 / News

Top citizens for October chosen at W-WPS

Washington-Wilkes Primary School has announced the “citizens”chosen for the month of October who were picked for “working hard” throughout the month. To be chosen, these students often completed their work on time, listened hard during the lesson, stayed in their seats, kept hands and feet to themselves, and more. W-WPS offered special thanks to McDonald’s for supplying Happy Meal coupons to these citizens.

Kindergarten citizens chosen are (top photo, l-r) Jermiah Lowe for Nicki Dawson, Tyler King for Lynn Connell, Katie Mickens for Mary Elizabeth Burdette, Kamari Ware for Julia Anne Holloway, and Natalia Hernandez for Jan Fernandes.

First grade citizens selected include (second photo) Kyle Hogan for Julie Driggers, Arwyn Bowman for Beth Guin, Brinley Holloman for Tiffani Andrews, Savanna Bufford for Melanie Forehand, Victoria Soto for Crystal Jackson, and J.C. Holloman for Elizabeth Lunceford.

Second grade citizens are (third photo) Tyler Dozier for Leslie McAvoy, Angel Spellins for Carol Souther, Aiden Olson for Wanda Jackson, Jailyn Sanchez for Mary Lois Akins-Newsome, and Zy’mir Grant for Tina Lewis.

Third grade citizens chosen are (bottom photo) Xavier Gartrell for Whitney Richards, Morgan Lamar for McCall Chadwick, Myasia Lewis for Yakira Banks, Ankia Williams for Jessica Echols, and Calvin Wynn for Sarah Wheatley.

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