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UGA School of Social Work honors Thomas P. Holland

Tom Holland Tom Holland Professor Emeritus Tom Holland was honored at The University of Georgia School of Social Work as the University hosted a celebration of the Thomas P. Holland Distinguished Professorship in Nonprofit Management and Leadership at Trumps in Athens on Saturday, October 20.

Some sixty friends, family, donors, former colleagues, and students were in attendance to pay tribute to Holland and his work.

Speakers included Dean Anna Scheyett of the School of Social Work; also, Anthony Mallon, current director of the Institute for Nonprofit Organizations, who said, “ It is really appropriate that this endowed chair is being named for Tom Holland. He played a central role in addressing the gap in higher education regarding nonprofit leadership, and in building a strong interdisciplinary program at UGA.”

In addition, Professor Kristina Jaskyte Bahr paid tribute to Holland’s influence on her work and career, saying “It’s like having a famous father and not really knowing why he is famous, but benefiting from all his work!” There were also impromptu tributes from Dr. Tricia Reeves of the School of Social Work, and Holland’s daughter, Kimberly Bolton, who regaled with tales of sitting in the back of her father’s classroom as a child.

Spending the weekend in Washington for the festivities were Sheryl Holland and Dr. Kenneth Langton of Tucson, Arizona; daughter, Kimberly Bolton of Jacksonville, Florida; Stephen E. Blackmon Jr. of Nashville, Tennessee; Carol and Phillip Blackmon of Columbus, Sarah, Richard, Amelia, and Scarlett Johnson of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Drs. Scott and Mary Beth Lowe of Traverse City, Michigan, both of whom taught in Washington-Wilkes for several years in the late 1970’s.

On Friday the family enjoyed a cold supper at the home of Eleanor and Steve Blackmon and Saturday brunch was at the home of Tom Holland and Myra Blackmon. On Sunday, Rich Johnson joined his mother, Myra Blackmon, as they served an omelets-and-biscuits brunch at the Blackmon-Holland home.

The Johnsons remained in Washington until Monday and visited Norma Alice Wallace at Southern Manor. Amelia Johnson enjoyed the festivities surrounding the “Love Washington” events on Saturday and always enjoys the “freedom of Washington” and the many friends she has made here.

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