2018-11-15 / Letters

To the Editor

Could the police mount a discouragment?


At not much under 50 mph on Spring Street last Wednesday [Halloween] evening several giant trucks roared by to express their loud disgust at having to “thread the needle.” Private vehicles also routinely exceeded the 25 mph speed limit. Trouble was that both sides of the street were where a continuous line of cars and vans was pulling over to the curb as parents monitored the trick-or-treat holiday ritual of their excited children. Most of them were elementary scholars or much younger. Some several houses offered curbside hospitality. It was Halloween night in Washington, Georgia.

Despite their best efforts, the parents generally found it difficult in the gathering darkness to corral their carloads of youngsters. I suspect many of the adults had driven in from the country and were not familiar with the location and its steep streetscape. I personally intervened when a small child innocently began to wander into the “eye of the needle” at the summit of Spring Street’s steepest hill. The setting invited a horrible tragedy should a speeder hurtle over the hilltop and hit a child he had not seen before it was everlastingly too late.

This scenario played out well over two hours. From time to time, police vehicles cruised by as speeders flew by.

Suggestion: Could not our sheriff arrange that on Spring Street a police car be stationed perhaps near the hospital, another by the Methodist Church? Other locations surely need similar oversight. If police vehicles were simply parked, blue lights throbbing, would their presence not discourage uncaring speeders?

Perhaps were the speeders still not discouraged, would not the police be positioned to mount an effective discouragement?

Most sincerely, ROY SMITH

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