Common Nextlink Problems and How to Fix Them


We have been travelling to this point for a while now and sometimes we feel like we still haven’t reached where we want to be. We moved so fast to the point where the internet will rule the world and we are close but not there yet.

When we say rule, we don’t mean sinister things and we always try to avoid negativity. Internet positively ruling the world would mean that we are all constantly connected, we communicate with our friends and family in different places in the world and we work on and thanks to the internet. Those are just some of the positive things we got from this, and if we focus on the rest this article would be only on the benefits that the internet brought us.

What we are here to write on is the fact that the internet isn’t all that high and mighty, not because it can’t be but rather because of the internet providers that can experience issues and setbacks. As you can see from the title, we are talking about Nextlink as a provider and the problems you may have with their internet and how to solve them. There will be more on this if you go and check IsDownStatus, while we will keep it simple and informative on our side.

Since we are talking about Nextlink we need to say something about them and here it is. The footprint of Nextling is growing more and more each year. In 2018 they put up 135 new towers which brought them to 400 tower locations with close to 22,000 subscribers. This company is growing more and more, and in 2024 they received a WISPA award for Operator Of The Year, while 2019 and 2020 were the years when they received a BroandbanNow award for Top Internet Speeds in Texas and top 5 Fastest Fixed Wireless Providers in Texas for 2019 and #1 Fastest Fixed Wireless Providers In Texas for 2020.


If you are anywhere in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma or Texas you can enjoy Nextlink’s lightning-fast internet speeds that range from 10+MB to 10+GB and those are the offers that they believe will suit any need no matter if you are a home user or an office and business user. They have a great customer-first mentality which is seen and appreciated and they also have the 24/7 service monitoring that has shown to be very effective when it comes to issues, and all of that is backed up by those awards. This company and the team behind it know what they are doing.

But what happens when there are issues that surpass the team and company sides? There is so much that they can do to ensure steady connections from their towers. What happens when force majeure happens and hits one of their towers and you end up losing your connection?! What happens when all of a sudden you don’t have internet?!

The answers to that will be provided right here. Now several reasons may take out your internet connection and they can range from issues near you to issues with the tower or company itself. In the case of Nextlink, you can always call them to check what is going on at any given moment and you will always get a response from a very nice, professional staff that will fill you in on what is going on. Now when it comes to issues in your own home, you may have router issues, cable issues or any other ones that can cause you to lose internet. Those can be fixed by yourself if you know what to do and how to do it or you can call your provider and have them send someone to troubleshoot these issues.


Thankful with the tech today they can always check remotely if there is an issue with them or if is it you. If it is you will get instructions on how to troubleshoot or solve it yourself (in the case of cables or router issues) or they will send someone to do it for you.

Some thing you can do to make sure your side is OK is to try accessing the internet from different devices. Sometimes our smartphones, tablets and PCs go haywire and they need a restart or cleaning to work. Sometimes they forget or erase the passwords or change their IPs and things get a little difficult. Use several different devices just to check if it is a problem with the provider or if is it your device.

Sometimes you can have the internet but it will be rather slow or unresponsive for some time. This happens due to having too much browser cache and cookies on your browser and it may become slow and sluggish. This is an issue on smart devices that are battling this worse than our PCs or MACs. All you need to do is erase the cookies and clear the cache and given that your connection is ok everything should be normal after that.

We mentioned issues with routers and more often they are the ones that cause you to believe that your provider is down or something. This happens because of power outages, because of some updates made to your PC or your router and the IPs and DNS settings get all mixed up. Now most providers can deal with this without coming to your home, working remotely. You need to provide them with some info and they will see what is going on. This takes a few minutes and if the router is to blame you will have an internet connection in a jiffy, given the fact that the router hasn’t died completely.


Other issues that are also common are the blocked ISP that comes straight from your provider, Firewall and or antivirus protection can sometimes interfere and block you from going to the internet or at least opening certain sites. These are all easy to deal with and after a few clicks, you should be up and running.