Seven Ways to Feel Sexually Liberated


Feeling sexually liberated can help us to feel more connected to ourselves and to our partners. It can be incredibly freeing to let go of the expectations and societal pressures that often come with intimate relationships and to let your true self shine through.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, there are many ways to feel sexually liberated. From exploring your sexuality, being vulnerable with your partner, or choosing a natural lube for fun times, these five strategies can help you to break free from feeling constrained or judged and experience a more authentic version of yourself.

What Is Sexual Liberation?

Sexual liberation is the act of feeling free to be your true self both within yourself and with your partner. It’s about embracing your own sense of sexuality instead of that which society has dictated to you. When we are liberated in our sexuality, we’re also liberated in our relationships. We are able to let go of expectations and judgments that can cause us to feel constrained.

As a result, we feel more comfortable and connected in our relationships, no matter what stage of life we are in. When we feel liberated in our intimate relationships, we experience greater intimacy in our lives. Intimacy is about connection, trust, and vulnerability, and these things are essential for healthy relationships.

1. Connect With Yourself


Letting go of expectations, judgments, and fears can help you to connect with yourself in a more authentic way. If you have a partner, couples often feel more connected when they are honest with themselves and each other. Let go of judgments. Being judgmental can cause you to close off and not be open and honest with your partner. Let go of judgments and let your partner be themselves without judgment.

2. Journal About Your Expectations


Writing about your expectations and the judgments you may have about yourself or your partner can help you to let go of them and connect with yourself more deeply. Journaling about your fears can be a good way to acknowledge them and help you to become more vulnerable with your partner. Allow your fears to come to the surface, and try not to judge them.

Asking yourself questions about your sexuality can help you to explore your feelings and thoughts on the subject. Questions like “What do I find sexy?” or “What turns me on?” can help you to get in touch with your desires and find out more about yourself.

3. Be Honest With Your Partner


Letting go of expectations and being honest with your partner can help you to connect with yourself and your partner in a more authentic way. Being honest with yourself and your partner can lead to greater intimacy. Let them know what you are afraid of, what makes you most uncomfortable, and what you are ashamed of.

Exploring your sexuality with your partner can be a great way to let go of any judgments and expectations you may have about it. Let your partner know what you like, what turns you on, and what you are feeling, and let them do the same.

4. Be Vulnerable With Your Partner

Vulnerability is an essential part of any intimate relationship. When we are being vulnerable with our partner, we are letting them into our inner world. This can be an incredibly liberating experience as it helps us to let go of expectations and judgments that can cause us to feel constrained and can lead to deeper, more authentic connections.

Doing new things sexually and exploring what you like can help you to let go of expectations and judgments and explore your sexuality in a more meaningful and authentic way.

5. Explore Your Sexuality


Whether alone or with a partner, it’s important to learn to love your body and what makes you feel good. Many people harbor shame about their bodies and fear being judged for their secret interests. Sexual liberation is about putting all that shame and judgment aside and being authentic with yourself. It can be a scary experience, as many people fantasize about things that are considered taboo in mainstream culture.

Regardless of if you’d actually act out your most extreme fantasies in real life, experimenting in the privacy of your own bedroom can be a healthy, enlightening, and fun way to express them in a safe way. You can do this with or without a partner. There’s a whole wide world of toys, different kinds of lube, erotica, and nearly limitless ways of expressing yourself. The most important part is to do so without judging.

6. Opening Up Communication


Communication between partners unlocks a satisfying and sexually liberated relationship. Talk about likes, dislikes, fantasies and boundaries. This helps you and your partner(s) gain a better understanding of what everyone enjoys. Good communication can also provide insight into how you both perceive sex and relationships.

Establishing trust is essential for sexual liberation. Open communication builds safety when exploring desires that may feel anxiety-provoking or taboo. Sharing fantasies and trying new activities can increase intimacy, strengthening the bond between you.

To start talking about sex, try conversation starters like:

  • “What would you like more/less of when we’re having sex?”
  • “I had this fantasy the other day…”

7. Embracing Pleasure

For those who wish to explore their sexuality, pleasure is essential. It can be experienced in many forms, solo or with a partner. Self-pleasure helps you become familiar with what feels good to you. It can also bring emotional and physical advantages, such as relaxation or stress relief.

When exploring pleasure with someone, communication is crucial. Both people should feel free to talk about their likes and dislikes, so that they can be respectful of one another’s desires. Enjoying activities like yoga or reading can aid in creating a non-judgmental mindset. Celebrating yourself and your body by purchasing lingerie or adding body jewelry can make sexual experiences more enjoyable for everyone.

Apply Liberally

What makes one person feel sexually liberated may be different from how another person experiences it. There is no “one size fits all” for sexual liberation and no calendar keeping track of your progress. Think of it more as a journey than a destination, and enjoy the ride!