Beyond Identification: The Marketing Magic Of Name Badges At Events

Beyond Identification-The Marketing Magic Of Name Badges At Events

Name Badges are an effective method of representing your brand or company at different events. They are known to be a crucial part of building connections or networks that help businesses in the long run.

Still, many organisations do not care about providing name badges or ID tags to their staff members. In this article, you will learn the significance of name badges at events. Scroll down to have a look at these points:

Assists In Building Your Network

Everyone wants to be called by their names. Various studies have shown that when people call you by your name, dopamine hormones are released by your body. These hormones are known to be feel-good hormones, which bring happiness.

When you visit an event where no one knows you, your name badge facilitates your introduction. People will look at your ID card and will start calling you by your name. Isn’t it a great feel?

The primary objective of the name badges at seminars or events is to promote your company and build a network. Identification cards make it easier for you to interact with new people or groups at an event. It indirectly means that you are building relationships that can help your business in the future.

Initiating Conversations Becomes Easier


Another benefit of name badges at events is that they act as an icebreaker for initiating conversations. You do not have to introduce yourself again and again whenever you approach an individual for communication.

It makes it easier for you to start discussions with the other person without going through awkward introduction sessions. Sharing your interests and having deep conversations at events will help build your rapport amongst the people attending the event.

They Acts As A Reminders

Whenever you are attending a large gathering or an event, you often tend to forget the names of the people you meet there. Name badges act like reminders at these networking events.

ID tags are a perfect solution for people who are very bad at remembering names. Name badges will save you from the embarrassment that you may face when you forget the name of a person you met a few minutes ago in the same event.

They Offer You Great Marketing Opportunities

They Offer You Great Marketing Opportunities

Name badges not only contain the personal details of the staff member but also the company’s logo. Such ID tags are a great way of representing your brand on different occasions. They offer marketing opportunities to your company.

Nowadays, many organisations have started adding QR codes to their employee’s ID badges. These QR codes help people connect with the company’s social media accounts to stay up-to-date with the latest services or products offered by the businesses.

Consider adding your business’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook handles to create brand awareness amongst the users. This will also help in increasing followers on your company’s social media.

Tips For Choosing The Right Name Badges For Your Business

Now that you have understood the importance of name badges at networking events let’s discuss some tips on how to choose the right name badges for your business:

Choosing The Right Shapes

Choosing The Right Shapes

Choosing the shapes of the identity cards is one of the most crucial aspects that you must pay attention to.

The most common ID tag shapes are square, circular, and rectangular. But if you want to show your creativity, you can also design them in shapes like hexagons, hearts, etc. You can customise these tags as per your company’s requirements.

Coming to the sizes, your ID badges can have a width between the range of 57.3mm to 99.1mm. If you choose a smaller size, then the text printed on it won’t be visible clearly. On the contrary, if you choose a larger size, then your staff members won’t feel comfortable wearing those tags.

Material Also Matters

Another important thing to consider while choosing the right Identity tags for your business is its material. Usually, the ID badges are made up of laminated plastic, brass, aluminium, and stainless steel. To ensure that your business’s ID badges meet your specific needs, you can shop for PVC custom ID cards, allowing you to tailor the material, design, and features according to your preferences.

Ensure that you pick material that is resistant to corrosion, scratches, and tarnish. Apart from this, your name tags must be laminated. If you want premium quality ID cards, then use of metal is recommended to make them.

Pick Contrasting Colors

When it comes to selecting the printing design of Identity cards, the first thing that strikes your mind is selecting the right colours. For most companies, this is one of the most challenging parts of making ID tags.

Your entire design will get ruined if you select the wrong colours. Choose the colours that go well with the style of your brand.

A name tag usually consists of a background and text. Remember that the colours you pick for each part must be in contrast with each other. The people you meet at any event must not find it difficult to read your ID tag because of the wrong colour combination.

The Company Logo Must Be Clear

The Company Logo Must Be Clear

To build your network, your staff’s ID tags must have a clear picture of the company’s logo. Design your brand’s logo in such a way that it stands out from your competitors. At only one glance, people must be able to identify your logo. Remember that your logo must be designed in high resolution for proper visibility.

To Sum Up

Name Badges are one of the most essential elements that help in representing your brand and building connections. Whenever you visit any event, you can easily approach a person or group and interact with them freely with the use of these ID tags.

You do not have to introduce yourself to each person, and your ID cards tell all about you and your job profile.

Consider adding your company’s social media profiles via QR codes to your staff’s ID cards. It will help people to connect with your brands through these platforms and stay informed about your latest launches.