Protecting Your Family – Simple Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy


As a parent, you will always be happy to see your kids healthy. Their wellness largely depends on the practices you implement and encourage at home. It is important to note that kids are likely to follow the habits taught at home as they grow older. Read on to learn some tips on how you can keep your loved ones healthy and happy.

Monitor the Safety of Your Water


Water is among the most important resources on this planet. You may take it for granted that you always get pure water from your tap. However, this isn’t always the case. The quality of your water may decline over time, and this will lead to a decline in the health of your family members. This is why you need to spare some time to test water for contaminants.

With a water test, you can detect the presence of heavy metals like lead, iron, arsenic, and mercury. These metals can slowly poison you and lead to serious health issues. You should also check whether your water has any bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Once you get the results of your water test, an expert can recommend methods of handling any contaminants.

Include Healthy Drinks to Your Diet


Healthy drinks are a great way of quenching your thirst while enjoying numerous health benefits. One drink you should prepare for your family is green tea, a drink that is packed with antioxidants. By consuming green tea, you will reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer. Green tea may also help you maintain a healthy body weight.

You can also add lemon water to your daily family drinks. Aside from keeping you hydrated, this drink can help with weightloss and prevent kidney stones. Another benefit of lemon water is that it provides much-needed potassium. This nutrient helps with nerve-muscle communication and blood pressure regulation.

Other healthy drinks to add to your diet are herbal tea, coconut water, kombucha, smoothies, and vegetable juices.

Find a Suitable Family Sport

Getting Active with your loved ones is a great way to bond and stay healthy. There are many sports and activities you can enjoy with your family members. First, consider getting a frisbee. This toy can be used for a game of catch with kids and dogs. The best thing about a frisbee is that it can be used in almost any place.

You can also consider buying bikes and getting your kids to cycle around the neighbourhood. Other popular family sports you can participate in include badminton, mini tennis, and kayaking. Even adding an activity like planks in between Netflix shows can go a long way in keeping your family healthy in the long term.

Get Quality Sleep


Quality sleep is very important. You can help your kids sleep better by ensuring that they have regular sleep routines. Make sure they go to bed at the same time every night, and this can include a bath and bedtime story. Olderkids can relax in bed by reading a book, listening to music, or taking breathing exercises. You should also encourage them to avoid screens before going to bed. Blue light from the TV, phone, or tablet can delay sleep.

Teach Your Kids How to Care for Their Teeth

It is important to learn how to care for teeth. This will avoid major health issues as they grow older and will help them maintain their beautiful smiles. One thing to do is to encourage them to brush their teeth twice a day. If they are under the age of 10, you should supervise them as they brush. It is also essential to teach them how to floss safely.

The foods and drinks you consume can also affect your dental health. When it comes to kids, you should teach them that certain foods can contribute to the quick decay of their teeth. Some foods to avoid include sugary drinks, fruit juices, potato chips, and pasta. Instead, you should consider adding milk and cheese as snack options.

You should also bring your kids to a dental professional at least twice a year. A quick Google search for a term like “quality teeth whitening staten island ny” should already pull up a list of experts that you can check out. Doing so will ensure that their dental health is always in good condition.

Make Handwashing a Routine


Failing to wash your hands can easily make you sick. Some diseases that can be caused by dirty hands include salmonellosis and respiratory infections. To prevent these health issues, you should teach your kids how to wash their hands. It is especially important to wash hands before meals or whenever they need to touch their mouth, eyes, or nose. They also have to wash their hands after playing with pets or touching garbage.

It is always better to use soap and water to clean hands, especially if they are greasy or visibly dirty. If you’re travelling or simply can’t get access to soap, you should carry around a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Make sure you teach your kids how to rub the sanitiser thoroughly between the fingers. Leading by example is a great way to make them learn this habit.

Limit TV and General Screen Time

TV and smartphones can be educational. However, most kids use them for entertainment and end up spending a good portion of their day lounging on the couch. You can help them engage their minds by incorporating board games and other interactive activities. Some of this time should also be spent on sports or activities like cycling. This way, they can also stay physically healthy.

Another benefit of limiting screen time is that it helps to improve the quality of sleep. It is especially important to encourage your family members to turn off their screens a few hours before bedtime. This will get the eyes and mind ready for sleep.


To keep your kids healthy and happy, you should implement a few practices at home. You should test your water regularly to ensure that it is free of contaminants. You can also introduce healthy drinks, find a suitable family sport, ensure that everyone gets quality sleep, limit screen time, and teach your kids how to care for their teeth. Handwashing should also be incorporated into your daily routine.