9 Ways CBD Oil Can Benefit Your Dog

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Cannabis and hemp both contain a substance called CBD or cannabidiol. The chemical in marijuana that makes it intoxicating is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is absent in CBD oil. It is vital to know that the majority of cannabidiol products are made from hemp, not marijuana.

The ripe cannabis plants’ green leaves, flowers, and stems contain the potent cannabinoid ingredient known as CBD. This oil’s therapeutic and medicinal advantages come from this compound, which acts as a Natural anti inflammatory for dogs. Check here for more information.

Canines can benefit from CBD since it interacts with their endocannabinoid system. The active components in cannabidiol can relieve health conditions due to this system. Whether chronic or short-term ailments, cannabidiol oil can benefit pets in various ways listed below.

How is CBD Oil Beneficial For Dogs?

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Here are some primary benefits of CBD oil for dogs:

Acts As An Active Painkiller

Dogs also can feel physical pain, which can be brought on by various circumstances, including age, fractures, medical surgery, and more. If utilized regularly, cannabidiol oil can successfully cure pain conditions and relieve discomfort.

Regulate Bodily Functions

The natural endocannabinoid system of the dog interacts with CBD-derived products. As a result, they can assist in controlling numerous body processes in your dogs.

Works As Anti-inflammatory Solution

Because of its medicinal characteristics, CBD also functions as a natural anti-inflammatory for dogs. It helps in enriching the immune system’s reaction to different physiological problems in doggies. In addition, it also can handle hypersensitivity, dermatitis, and more.

Relieves Seizures And Convulsions

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Dogs suffering from seizures can benefit from getting the proper cannabidiol treatment. For instance, if your pet is getting convulsions very often, it is best to administer the recommended dosage of CBD oil on a day-to-day basis. In case of occasional seizure attacks, make sure to give the cannabidiol oil while it is convulsing.

Lessens Anxiety

Dogs suffer from different types of anxiety, including those caused by heavy thunders, storms, separation, or travel. Regardless of the kind of anxiety, it will likely affect their overall health significantly. In case of severe stress, the dog may feel like jumping over the fences or running away. To calm your dog and lessen its anxiety, administer the prescribed dosage of cannabidiol daily.

Helps In Developing Healthy Skin

It is very critical to take great care of your pet’s skin, and it requires daily maintenance. Skin conditions or insufficient nutrition could damage your dog’s skin and coat. Applying CBD oil topically in accordance with your dog’s medical needs will produce positive effects by enhancing the health of the coat.

Provides Immune System Support

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Cannabidiol can be highly beneficial in providing immune support to your dog. The compound aids in strengthening the immune system of your dog. You can use the oil to reduce the effect of autoimmune diseases. In addition to that, cannabidiol products have the potential to deter the growth of cancer cells.

Assists In Bone And Joint Health

As they age, dogs are likely to suffer from arthritis discomfort, bone, and joint pain, etc. For treating arthritic pets, cannabidiol oil is very effective. The condition of their bones and joints can benefit from ingestion of CBD oil in the prescribed amounts. If you wanted to focus in improving your body joints and hips specifically you can take Mighty Munch that would suffice those nutritional values

Cures Depression

Your dog is capable of feeling sadness, grief, and getting depressed. If you suspect your pet is in depression, it is best to administer  cannabidiol infused oil daily until the dog becomes active and lives happily.

Are human CBD products safe for pets, or do you need CBD products specifically intended for pets?

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A most common question that people are having regarding giving their dogs CBD oil is whether there are specific CBD products for dogs or whether they can give them the same ones that humans are using. Well, the answer is pretty clear, all CBD products that are meant for people have the exact same compound that would be found in CBD products that are designed for pets.

Therefore, if you already using CBD oil or you have some product in your house, you can be free to give it to your dog. However, we would highlight that it is always advisable to check with your vet. For instance, there are some things to keep in mind. It is always crucial to read the label of the CBD product before giving it to your dog, just to make sure that the product does not contain anything that is toxic to the health of your dog.

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Aside from the fact that CBD oils are highly beneficial for pets in different ways, the CBD oil that you have can include chocolate as an essential oil or some artificial sweeteners and you can jeopardize the health of your dog. As you are probably aware, dogs are not allowed to eat and consume sweet things because they are not good for their heart health. Therefore, if CBD product does not include some of the harmful ingredients for them, you can give them to your dog.

For instance, you can give your dog a CBD oil product that is flavored with chicken. In case you have trouble with giving your dog a dose of oil, try putting oil on a spoon with the peanut butter or in some of your dog’s treats. You will see that your furry little friend will immediately take the CBD. In case you are wondering how much time the CBD oil needs to start working, the answer is around 5 to 20 minutes. When the CBD product is given directly in the mouth, like in the case of CBD oil, it will start working very quickly.

What CBD dosage should be used for pets?

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One more common question that people want to find an answer to. In general, there are no specific studies conducted about the safety of CBD oils for dogs and how big the dose you should give to the dog. However, even though the exact dosage is not determined, you can ask your veterinarian for recommendations and follow his instructions. Dosing is varying because it depends on the size of the dog and the way you are using the CBD product.

As we said, it is better to check this with your vet, but according to some research that we found you can give 2 mg per kilogram of the dog’s body weight of CBD oil twice a day. This will be a good dosage for reducing pain or some other symptoms that your dog is fighting with. However, like in the case of humans, it is always better to give your dog a lower dose and then raise it slowly. You will see after some time, what exact dosage works for your dog the best.

Bottom Line

Cannabidiol can help your dog enhance its overall health. It will give relief from pain, boost healthy-looking skin, lessens stress and depression, boost the immune system, and so on. Investing in quality CBD supplements for your pet’s well-being is, therefore, an excellent idea. Make sure you make your purchase from a reputed store. There are many options available online.