How Many Decks of Cards Do They Use for Blackjack in Vegas?

Becoming a professional gambler requires a string of knowledge that needs to be mastered. We can all agree that the number of professional gamblers out there is quite low. But this is not something that should discourage anyone from trying to be as good as they can be. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared to invest as much time as possible.

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is to choose the game that fits your preferences. While this may sound like an easy decision to make, we wouldn’t be so bold to say that this is the case. The reason is quite simple, there are so many different games you can choose from, and you would need to go through all of them.

Despite all the possibilities out there, we would like to say that blackjack is definitely among the most preferred games out there. According to all the studies on the industry out there, you will see that it is in the top three, alongside poker and slot machines. If you want to visit a site where you can participate in this game, then visit

Now, let’s take a look at all the major things you need to know about this game.

How Many Decks Are Used?

When it comes to blackjack, you will surely hear that casinos prefer to use multiple decks. The reason is quite simple, in cases when only one deck is used shuffling becomes something you should do after finishing every hand. Of course, this is not the most enjoyable thing to experience in a casino.

Therefore, most casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City play blackjack by using between six and eight decks. That way, the situation where you need to shuffle after every hand is no longer a problem. Naturally, this is not only an issue from the perspective of a player but also a problem for a casino.

It’s quite simple to understand why this is an issue. For instance, this is a wasted time when the house will not make any money. The most effective solution to this issue is to include more than just one deck in the mix, as we’ve already said. But it needs to be said that this is not the only reason for including more decks, we are also talking about the odds.

How About Online Version?

The next issue we want to talk about is the online version of this game. How many decks are included in this mix? Well, we all know that playing this one online means that shuffling the cards will require you to use several algorithms. But that doesn’t mean that the number of decks doesn’t play a role.

Of course, there’s no need for shuffling the decks after everyone had in this case. One thing is for certain, we can see that certain cards will repeat when you participate in this version. Still, it is not possible to determine how many decks are included in the mix. But, certainly, we are not talking just about one of them.

At the same time, playing online means that being on these online tables means you are not going to be anything besides the cards played by the dealer and you. In reality, you would probably be at the table with at least one more player. So, the dealer with being against a couple of players at the same time, which increases your odds.

Card Counters

One of the most interesting parts of the blackjack story is the part about card counters. Many think that this strategy was devised recently. But when you scratch the surface, you will see that this is not the case. The strategy itself has its origins in the late 1950s, but people started using it in casinos back in the 1960s.

So, it became possible for the players, let’s say, to cheat the game. For some time, they were pretty successful with that. However, casinos have predicted this problem and they started to implement measures to prevent people from conducting an act such as this. It was simply a way for them to keep their advantage over the players out there.

Many are not aware of the fact that having more than just one deck as a part of blackjack means that it will become possible to make it significantly more challenging for the players to count cards. When you compare multiple decks to one deck, it will become more than clear to you that the odds are significantly less advantageous to the players.

One Deck Versions

Despite all the reasons we’ve named above for the use of multiple decks, we can still see that there are versions that still use only one deck. One of these versions is frequently used in Australia. However, the rules of this version are somewhat different from others. Therefore, players cannot expect to be as successful with counting cards.

For instance, we are talking about rules like restricting splits and forcing players to make some lower bets. Making a lower investment per hand significantly decreases the amount of money someone will ultimately win, if successful. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. The most important for the house is that the odds are in its favor.

Online Version is More Preferable

When you take a look at the industry in this day and age, you will see that more people prefer to play the online version than the real-life one. The same goes for any game out there, including blackjack. The reason is quite simple, it is much more accessible. People don’t need to sit in their cars and drive to the nearest casino to participate in a game.

In Conclusion

Understanding any game out there is the main condition for being successful at it. Here, we’ve provided you with some of the most important things to understand relating to the number of decks used in different versions. We are sure you will have a much better understanding, especially with this level of knowledge.