Borgata’s Next Million Dollar Poker Tournament Has Been Announced

Almighty Million, the next million-dollar tournament, has been unveiled by Borgata Poker in collaboration with BetMGM Poker. With “The Return” high-stakes poker returned to Borgata in January and saw a $1 million winner. In this No Limit Hold’Em Tournament, Almighty Million guarantees yet another opportunity to win it big. The final table is on Saturday, May 13, while day 1 flights start on Sunday, May 7.

Borgata’s Almighty Million

According to Kellie DeCelis, manager of poker operations at the Borgata, Almighty has been linked to Borgata Poker for about 10 years. Since Borgata stopped hosting this kind of competition as a part of the Borgata Winter Open three years ago, Almighty has become one of the most eagerly awaited poker tournaments with a guaranteed $1 million prize pool.


Poker players of all skill levels will be able to participate in the event with a $100,000 beginning stack provided by an $800 buy-in. The Day 1 flights commence on Sunday, May 7, and end on Wednesday, May 10, and feature one of the highest beginning chip stacks of any live Hold’em competition in the nation. When the field is smaller, Day 2 begins on Thursday, May 11 at 11 a.m.

Players at BetMGM Poker will have several chances to enter the Borgata’s Almighty Million with a rolling schedule of daily qualifiers and bonuses. Starting on April 23, poker enthusiasts in PA, NJ, and MI will have the opportunity to win one of two $2,000 packages of Almighty Million Poker, which includes a $500 reward added to their BetMGM Poker balance as well as an invitation into the event and hotel accommodations.

On Saturday, March 11, BetMGM will award the victor of the Women Championship Event with a $255 buy-in with a $2,000 Almighty Million package. On-site qualifying starts on May 1 at the poker room at the Borgata. The BetMGM Poker app will be used to announce online qualifiers, and updates will be provided via the Borgata Poker account on Twitter.

Major Poker Events Set to Continue


Players want more events that link these great brands, as seen by the reception of qualifiers that were hosted online and the very positive response to “The Return.” According to Luke Staudenmaier, Director of Poker at BetMGM, the company is thrilled to continue working with Borgata Poker to provide players with additional opportunities to play at the top poker venue on the East Coast.

As iGamingNJ wrote, Borgata has gone through a $55 million renovation project. The biggest poker room in AC and one of the biggest in the nation will be the location of every hand dealt throughout this event. The Old Homestead Steakhouse has also received a remodeling. Beginning on May 1 only, online registration will be available through the poker app of BetMGM. The night before each Day 1 flight, players may register online until 9 p.m. The deadline for players using the online registration option is Tuesday, May 9 at 9 p.m. In-person registration starts at the Borgata Poker Cage on Friday, May 5. This competition will allow an infinite number of re-entries. During Day 1 flights, players reentering the event will receive preferred registration and seating assignments.

How to Participate


If you’re a poker enthusiast and want to take part in a prestigious poker tournament, Borgata’s million-dollar poker tournament is an excellent opportunity. Here’s everything you need to know about how to participate in the tournament:

Registration Process

The first step to participate in the tournament is to register yourself. Registration can be done in person at the Borgata casino or online through their website. To register, players need to provide personal details like their name, address, and contact information. It is essential to have a valid ID for verification purposes.

Qualifications and Requirements

To participate in the Borgata’s poker tournament, players need to be at least 21 years old and possess a valid Borgata M life Rewards card. Additionally, players must have a significant amount of poker experience and understand the game’s rules and regulations. Participants must also agree to the tournament’s terms and conditions.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for the Borgata’s million-dollar poker tournament varies based on the tournament’s format and rules. The buy-in amount is usually substantial, and participants must pay it before the registration deadline to secure their spot. The prize pool for the tournament is determined by the total number of entries received.

Deadlines and Dates

Players must register for the tournament before the deadline mentioned on the Borgata’s website. The tournament’s date and time are also specified, and participants must ensure that they are available to play during the specified time. Late entries are usually not permitted, and players who fail to show up on time may forfeit their entry fee.

Previous Tournaments and Winners


Borgata’s million-dollar poker tournament is a prestigious event that attracts some of the best players in the world. Here’s a brief look at some of the previous tournaments and winners:

Borgata Winter Poker Open 2020

The Borgata Winter Poker Open was held in January 2020 and had a buy-in of $3,500. The tournament featured a field of 1,290 players, with the top prize of $1,025,000. The winner of the tournament was David Jackson, who took home $304,929 in winnings.

Borgata Spring Poker Open 2019

The Borgata Spring Poker Open took place in April 2019 and had a buy-in of $2,500. The tournament had 505 participants, with the top prize of $321,449. The winner of the tournament was Vinicius Lima, who won $100,373.

Borgata Fall Poker Open 2018

The Borgata Fall Poker Open was held in November 2018 and had a buy-in of $2,500. The tournament featured 437 participants, with the top prize of $293,062. The winner of the tournament was Matt Wantman, who took home $84,588 in winnings.

Borgata Winter Poker Open 2017

The Borgata Winter Poker Open was held in January 2017 and had a buy-in of $2,700. The tournament had a total of 670 entries, with the top prize of $674,840. The winner of the tournament was Nathan Bjerno, who won $211,000.

Borgata Spring Poker Open 2016

The Borgata Spring Poker Open was held in April 2016 and had a buy-in of $2,500. The tournament featured 462 players, with the top prize of $347,192. The winner of the tournament was Joe McKeehen, who won $356,500.