Cardio VS. Strength Training: Which Is Better For Reducing Your Waistline?

Cardio VS. Strength Training

Are you struggling to reduce your waistline? If so, you might be confused about what type of training you should follow- cardio or strength. Well, choosing one from them is pretty complex. But if you learn some things about them in detail, you can make a perfect choice. We have curated this article to provide information about these types of training. In the end, you can choose the right option.

As you know, reducing your waistline is not an easy thing. You might have to wait for some time to witness the results. But the thing that matters the most is selecting the best type of training. Both strength training and cardio are effective in reducing body weight. Still, there are some vast differences between them. You need to understand them to make a perfect decision.

Cardio is a type of training in which you must follow cardiovascular exercises. On the contrary, strength training involves the use of weights. But you can also use tools like waist trainer women while doing cardio. It helps give your waistline a proper shape.

Even though both these types of training are perfect, you need to know more about them. Let’s dive right into it without further ado.

What Should You Choose To Reduce Your Waistline?

Reduce Your Waistline

Sometimes, confusion can lead to wrong decisions regarding training. Therefore, you need to understand some things about both cardio and strength training.

  • Cardio exercises burn more calories: The most significant thing about cardio training is that it might help you shed weight faster than you imagine. You should begin your weight loss journey by following a proper cardio workout routine.

Some of the best cardio exercises are running, jogging, swimming, cycling, and jumping jacks. You can include more exercises if you prefer them over these. This way, you might make a perfect workout routine for yourself.

Burning calories that you consume every day is crucial in reducing the waistline. Your entire body needs to shed some pounds to have a perfect waist. An average 30-45 minutes cardio session is enough in the beginning. You can turn it into a longer one after a while. The more challenges you make for yourself, the better results you will get.

  • Strength training involves the toning of muscles: After shedding some body weight, people shift to strength training. The primary reason behind it is that it helps in toning the muscles. Without this training, you cannot get the defined abs you wish.

Reducing muscle mass and building muscles are different things. Strength training might not help you lose belly as fast as you want. Still, it is necessary to focus on toning the muscles after shedding some weight. To have a perfect waistline, you need to create a combination of both cardio and strength training. As a result, it will be easier for you to focus on two different things simultaneously.


Many studies have shown that people skipping strength training cannot achieve a toned waistline. So, make sure to include it in your workout routine. Also, follow only those genuinely beneficial exercises according to your needs. Otherwise, it might become impossible for you to have a dream body.

  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is better: If you are looking for the best training to get a perfect waistline, you can also opt for HIIT. This type of training is effective because it involves intense exercises. Also, you don’t need to work out the entire day to get effective results for your waistline. A 30-minute session is the best for beginners. Just like other training, you can also increase the time if you think it is benefiting you well. The choice is yours.

Doing the HIIT training has numerous advantages, but it also has some cons. For instance, some people are uncomfortable during the session as some exercises are complex. It makes people give up easily. If you are already familiar with the HIIT training, it might not affect you. But a beginner should never turn their hopes high.

From the above points, we can say that combining HIIT, cardio, and strength exercises is a perfect way to reduce waistline. If you want to skip HIIT, you can do it. That is how you can achieve your body goals more quickly than you think.  And you don’t have to worry about the difficulty level as you can modify the workout routine. Still, you must be patient throughout your journey to see the results you have been waiting for. Also, never forget the importance of consistency.

How Can You Create A Combination Of Cardio And Strength Training?

Combining both types of training is possible by following some tips. But before that, you must be familiar with popular exercises for each type. You can research and note down the best ones.

  • Include the best exercises: It doesn’t matter what type of workout routine you create; it must have practical exercises. As mentioned earlier, you require some knowledge about the popular ones. You can read books and articles, watch videos, take professional advice, etc., to get started.
  • Choose the overall time for the session: Your workout routine must have a perfect time duration. It should not be too short or too long. As a beginner, you can consider 30 minutes. After some time, you can make it more challenging and increase the time by 45 minutes to 1 hour. It all depends on your requirements and the weight that you wish to lose.
  • Choose the perfect equipment: You can use the right tools and equipment for your workout routine. When it is a combination of strength and cardio training, you must be careful when choosing them. It is always better to take advice from a professional fitness trainer. They will help you find the best options according to your routine.

Final Thoughts

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Both cardio and strength training are crucial for reducing waistline. But you have to be smart enough to make your choices. A combination of both these training can help you get the desired body.