Is Cyber Monday and Black Friday the Same Thing?


We all love discounts! It doesn’t matter whether we are addicted to shopping or we simply need some new things, success is always greater if we buy the desired item at a lower price. Seasonal discounts are well known, but very often they are not on all items and the reductions are very modest. Oh yes, that’s why they save money and plan for two big days when it comes to shopping. You can guess it, we meant on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

American Thanksgiving is not only known for the good turkey and magnificent fireworks, but also for the Friday and Monday that come after it. All of us who are planning to renovate the kitchen or buy a new iPhone will be wise to save money until Thanksgiving, and then be ready to make a quick purchase. If you haven’t had this experience before, we suggest you arm yourself with patience and take action as soon as the first second of these “shopping days” ticks. Many people confuse these two days or think they are the same, and shop only during Black Friday or only during Cyber Monday. These two dates have a completely separate history, although year after year they are increasingly facing each other. To be sure of what we are talking about, let’s go through the history of the origin of these shopping days together.

Black Friday


When we say something is black (and not referring to the color) it is generally associated with something bad, right? So how great is Black Friday for us customers?! When you become familiar with the origin of the name, it will be clearer to you. Namely, in the year 169, two friends and business associates from Wall Street decided to get rich. They invested everything they had in buying a large amount of gold. The idea was to wait for its value to rise, then sell it and get rich without much effort. However, not everything went according to plan: suddenly the US gold market collapsed and they lost everything. It happened on Friday, so this day was symbolically called Black Friday.

There is another story a little earlier. In the 50s, it was a tradition that on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, the Army and Navy played a famous game. The crowds were unimaginable and all the policemen had to be on duty around the clock. They called this Friday black. After the match, a good number of tourists and locals stayed to shop. Little by little, this shopping became a tradition, and sellers found a way to sell even more goods and lowered prices.

Cyber Monday


Like Black Friday, this day does not officially exist written in the calendar but is more of a marketing expression. In 2005, the National Retail Federation came up with a way to encourage online sales and decided to gather a large number of online retailers on the first Monday after Independence Day, who will give big discounts. This is how they encouraged customers to shop from their armchairs and thus borders and long distances were no longer obstacles. Kind of like the online equivalent of Black Friday. Considering that this is about online shopping, platforms that brought together individual sellers were developing very quickly, so depending on the platform, the discounts were not identical. However, the discounts you can get are great and you can check it out on EBest.

Differences and similarities

It is definite that these two days are not the same, but let’s look at what makes them different, and also what they have in common.

The first thing is the range of products. When we talk about the very beginning, Saber Monday was more focused on electronics and smaller devices, and clothes. Black Friday is associated with the purchase of larger and much more serious products, for example, the latest TV or one of Apple’s products. However, over time the offers have leveled off here and there. Now you can buy a super jacket on both days, but also a stove for your kitchen.

Another difference, again related to the beginnings, is in the location itself. Cyber Monday is an online venue, while Black Friday is all about in-store shopping. However, the pandemic we have witnessed has changed this situation. As a result of the quarantine, Black Friday has mostly moved online. Even after the pandemic, the majority of customers kept this type of discount.


However, even though online shopping is on the rise, Black Friday shopping is still ahead of Cyber Monday. Research shows that there are some 20% more sales on Fridays. We guess that it is not only the pleasure of cheap buying but also of going around and looking for what we need. It is interesting that for the last 3 years and how sales have been growing even after these two days. So, for example, last year on Thursday there were up to 40% more sales than standard. As the first second of Cyber Monday or Black Friday ticks, real chaos ensues. Although you find the product you need at a great price, and you decide to see something else, in a few seconds your product is gone.

Therefore, if you want to buy at great prices, you must be prepared in advance. It would be best to start shopping by marking what you need. No, these are not days when you should look around and cluck. You have to be prepared here. When it comes to online shopping, it’s the same thing. Research offers, choose manufacturers days in advance. The best suggestion we can give you is to put the things you decide to buy in the basket, and as soon as the clock strikes, you press buy. Take our word for it, if you don’t buy the product as soon as you see it, there’s no going back later. Procrastination is unforgivable. The more you want a certain product, we are sure that you will try harder to make it only yours. Every year it happens that people camp in front of a certain store to buy what they want on Black Friday. People get so engrossed in all that that they are often famous and fight over the TV or the dress.