7 Different Types of Sexy Lingerie & Tips for Buying

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Sexy lingerie is a great thing – a phenomenal spice in a relationship or marriage, a surprise for your partner that will surely get results, an ingenious gift for your better half and an essential item to have in your drawer if you are single or in a new relationship. With sexy underwear, you show yourself in a new light, you test your own limits and as a result, you feel confident and sexy.

Different types

United under the term sexy lingerie, we find many different cuts and versions of women’s underwear, and the choice can sometimes be difficult. Check here to find out how difficult. That’s why here we list the most common types of sexy lingerie, their characteristics and the ways in which they emphasize or hide certain attributes and parts of the body.

1. Baby doll

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A popular type of short nightgown with a narrower part around the chest (sometimes with shaped and decorated cups) and a wide material around the waist that reaches to the navel or hips. They are often decorated with lace, ruffles, ribbons, bows and the like, and due to the accentuated bust and cut that expands towards the thighs, they are ideal for emphasizing the breasts and legs. Also, they are an ideal distraction from the tummy.

2. Body

It is designed as a one-piece swimsuit but accentuated by the waist, so that it emphasizes the bust, while the cut of the lower part sensuously highlights the thighs. If you want to emphasize your curves, and especially your legs, a bodysuit is a great choice.

3. Catsuit

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A catsuit is a one-piece piece of clothing that covers the torso, legs and sometimes arms. It is most often very stretchy, made of elastic materials (such as used for free-standing socks, for example) in a holey or mesh pattern, like the popular fishnet. Since they are in one piece, they can be worn through the opening on the neck and most often come with openings on the genitals, so that they enable sexual stimulation and intercourse without taking them off.

4. Corset

A corset is a piece of undergarment made to shape the torso or waistline for aesthetic reasons (to achieve an hourglass shape), which is usually achieved by tying. Corsets are made of flexible material supported by “ribs” that are inserted into the channels of the material, while tightening and loosening of the corset is achieved with a cord.

5. Mini dress

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As its name suggests, it is a dress that is slightly smaller than the standard one – and here it is most often a very, very short dress. They are usually waisted and made of stretchy materials, so they are very close-fitting.

6. Negligee

A nightgown of different lengths (it can be very short, but also down to the floor) like a dress made of transparent material. Often decorated with lace or ribbons, a slightly wider design that gives the impression of airiness and decent eroticism.

7. Stockings

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These are a popular addition to sexy lingerie because they add a level of mystique, make the legs more attractive or create a unique fashion combination by adding different patterns. They can be free-standing, where a silicone or elastic edge holds them in place, or they can be held in place with halters. There are models that come with halters made of the same material and in the same pattern for a great visual effect.

After reading all the above it is obvious that unlike men’s underwear, of which there aren’t many types, women’s underwear is way more complicated. Of course, we are talking about women.

Sexy lingerie can make any woman a sex bomb. You just need to guess the right combination, and as a token of thanks, maybe your girl will perform a striptease wearing the combination of your choice. But how do you make a perfect purchase? Here are some tips to keep you on the right track…

  1. The size

Before each purchase, either ask about the size or study her underwear drawer to find out yourself. It’s very simple – just check the panties and bra labels, remember (or write it down on your phone!) and you’ll avoid the problem of choosing the wrong size. As this can be a potential disaster.

  1. Style

Also, pay attention to your sweetheart’s fashion taste. Of course, when buying, you will be most certainly drawn to the lingerie that you like. We know you’ll push your own style too – you want to see her as a daring chick in a red lace ensemble. But make sure you don’t completely ignore her taste as well. If your girl is into white and inconspicuous underwear, she will certainly not be overly enthusiastic about a bright pink push-up bra that is sprinkled with sequins.

  1. Don’t pay too much attention to what the seller suggests

During the purchase, don’t pay attention to the saleswoman’s advice. Women’s tastes are different. What one girl likes may not be the same for another. Be guided by your own intuition. After all, you know your girlfriend better than the saleswoman.

  1. Avoid buying things you know she doesn’t like

Don’t buy her something you know she would never wear. For example, your girlfriend doesn’t understand the point of halters, but you buy them for her birthday. Or she doesn’t like to wear thongs, but your gift just happens to contain them.

Final word

In the end, no woman certainly won’t mind a new thong or a lace bra. These things always come in handy. The problem is that this gift can turn into a total fiasco. This happens when a man does not know the exact size of a bra or panties. That is why we highly suggest you pay attention to the advice we have listed in this article. You can choose one piece from our list, that you think both of you will enjoy, and apply the advice we gave you when you go shopping. That will definitely result in a successful date night.