Discovering the Gems of Taiwan: A Guide to the Best Vacation Spots in the Country


Taiwan is located in the southeast of China and is also known as one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It is also known for its rich diversity. It comprises stunning terrains and hilly zones.

Though the whole place has been turned into modern cities, the old culture of China is noticed in all parts of the country. It is a perfect destination for visitors and travelers for a holiday.

It has numerous tourist destinations and holiday resorts, and even the hotels meant for foreigners provide extreme relaxation. Hence, a Vacation In Taiwan is so enjoyable and relaxing for most travelers.

Apart from these, there are diverse tourist attractions in Taiwan, which suit every mood with the nature and kind of atmosphere it has. It is the superior choice for most people whether you are in the state to study nature or want to see historical monuments and attractions.

A Guide To Explore Different Parts Of Taiwan

There are several places and tourist attractions that may grab your interest to visit in the country. Still, there are some important and must-see tourist places with rich cultural importance under an affordable budget. Here are a few of them.

1.     Yushan National Park


Yushan National Park is the best place to visit for all nature lovers. You will experience the beauty of nature; you can even feel serene all through the time you live there. Numerous sports activities run throughout the year, especially for tourists. Yushan National Park has the tallest mountains and is also home to towering peaks about 3000 meters high.

It has the tallest mountain in the country, Jade Mountain, about 3952 meters tall. It is also famous as the fourth-largest island mountain in the world. With all these numerous mountains and peaks, it is a well-known place for trekking and hiking.

2.     Kaohsiung


It is one of the beloved visitor targets both for foreigners and locals. It is a lively city full of life. It is the prominent industrial hub of the country. It is also one of the most populous places with a broad mix of people, various communities, and cultures.

It has excellent weather throughout the year, and the beautiful places surrounding it make it considered the best place for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling.

On top of it, Kaohsiung is a place with historical importance, and every year, new museums sprout out, making visitors visit the site numerous times.

3.     Taipei 101


It was the tallest building in the world at once, but now the record does not exist. However, it is still Taiwan’s most remarkable building. It consists of a 728-ton damper protecting the building from massive earthquakes and other natural disasters. This damper can be seen from any point of the building.

4.     Rainbow Village


Huang Yung-Fu, a former soldier with empathy for sculpture and art, initially coined the name. It is an exclusive street exhibit that is an integral part of tourism in Taiwan. He originally started this project to save the houses in his vicinity and restore them.

However, due to the uniqueness, vibrant patterns, and designs of various birds, animals, and human beings, it started to gain attention from the people around.

Even if you are not an art enthusiast, you can once visit the place as it is highly rich in culture and traditions.

5.     Wulai


Wulai is located in the south of New Taipei City. It has hot springs and is hence famous throughout the country. Wulai is the home of the Atayal people. Most tourists and travelers reach Wulai to flounder in the warm waters. People will get to know about their rich ethnic culture and also explore the nature surrounding the place.

You can also have many outdoor events like trekking in the forest, fishing in rivers, and camping in the wild while experiencing the charming landscape. Visitors are inclined to dry some delicious local food and buy the unique arts and crafts meant for sale.

Wallowing in hot springs is the most highlighted attraction of the whole visit, and the surrounding Mountaineers setting makes the people lean back and view the magical nature there.

6.     National Palace Museum


At the National Palace Museum, you can look into China’s past as it has a compilation of Chinese colonial artifacts. The government of Chiang Kai-Shek saved most of the items on display during the cultural revolution.

7.     Kinmen islands


Kinmen Islands are situated between Taiwan and China. In 1949, it became famous for the battle between nationalists and communists. However, now it is one of the prominent tourist destinations of Taiwan. It is usually called the park in the sea sometimes because of the appealing scenery that can be found near the islands.

It comprises unique flowers, and the forest and nature are the main attractions for tourists and travelers. You can even find much architectural importance in Kinmen Islands. People are usually inclined to taste local food and purchase local products; hence it is certainly worth visiting the place.

8.     Dragon and Tiger Pagodas


Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are situated on the edge of lotus lake. It is famous as a charming area in the heart of Kaohsiung.

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are the most beautiful tourist spots in the port city. You can get into the temples from an opening of a dragon’s and tiger’s mouth and enjoy the full view of the lotus lake from the highest point of each tower.


Taiwan is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. It has a rich cultural heritage and tourist importance. It comprises the tallest mountains and peaks and numerous lakes with appealing views.

Tourism’s revenue contributes more significantly to the GDP of the country. It is an excellent place for a week’s holiday, and you can experience nature’s views all over the countryside.

The accommodation you get at a tourist hotel is also suitable for all kinds of people and gives the mood you want to experience after residing there.