Does the Dealer Get the First Card in Blackjack?


When it comes to gambling, we all have different preferences and like different things, which is why slots are for someone the best game ever, while someone is more into baccarat or keno. Now, classic ones will always be popular, especially blackjack, as it is a pretty easy-to-learn game, but also the one that promises a high level of amusement and the possibility to win big. Of course, in order to get to this point, one needs to learn the rules, which is why we will first focus on that.

The rules


Okay, in order to really get the point of how all of this works, we need to start from the basics, and luckily, the rules are pretty simple with this one. Namely, the goal here is to reach 21 or be as close as possible to it and beat the dealer. If you get to this number, then you immediately win, and the house needs to pay one and a half times the initial wager. Of course, reaching this goal is not as easy as it might sound, and those who ever got the chance to play this game are well aware of what we are talking about, as in reality, you have a bit more than 40% of chance to win.

Now, since there are so many options available, with experience, one can get to the point where they will precisely know whether to ask for another card in order to get close to 21 or to “stand” and wait for what will happen next. Overall, these rules are pretty easy to learn and get the hang of, and the only thing that separates those more successful players is the amount of time and experience they have, as the more one is familiar with the concept of the game, the higher the chance to make big bucks playing it. As for who gets the first card, that’s always reserved for the player sitting on the left, but let’s learn a thing or two about the basic terminology used so that you can get a better understanding of it all.


Even though this is not something of a must in order to enjoy playing this game, it’s good to know what’s going on and what the dealer and other players are talking about. It will increase the overall experience, and for those playing online, it will shorten the time learning all the terms, where to click, or what decision to make, so let’s start with the words you probably want to hear while at the table.



Yes, this is not just the name of the game because it is also something you want to hear as often as possible while playing. Namely, this term means that the player has reached the desired goal – hitting the famous 21. Once again, keep in mind that this is not something that happens that often.

Double down

This is yet another option available to us, as when we have excellent cards and are pretty sure we’ll win, we can add more money and increase our initial bet by doubling. Of course, this is also something that needs to be perfectly calculated and thought through because if we have miscalculated things or don’t have lady luck by our side, then we will lose much more than we intended.


Well, unlike the first term mentioned, this is not something anyone wants to hear. This term means that player has lost all of their money and can no longer play, at least not until they place more money in their bankroll.


This one is a pretty basic one, and when we think we can get close to 21 by asking for another card, then this is a term we want to use to get that another card.



There is always a moment in the game where you will think that it is time to test your luck, but if the total of your cards is above seventeen, it’s a much better and safer option not to ask for another card. That’s when this term is used, and, understandably, it’s entirely up to players to decide whether they want to play as risky as possible and ask for another card or not.


When everyone at the table gets their cards, if someone has two of the same value, they can split and play with both those hands. Doing so can increase your chances, but understandably, this also means that you need to place more money, or to be more precise, to match the initial wager. On the other hand, doing so is not a must, but it is something that can help you win more often.

Flat betting

Now, this term is not that important, but it is something that one might hear, especially if they are entirely new to this game. There is nothing wrong with this term, as it just represents a person who bets the same amount every time.

How to win big with blackjack?


There is no strict rule or guide on how to win money playing any casino game, which is why it is called gambling in the first place, as that level of excitement and adrenaline that comes with expectations cannot be compared to anything else. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that everything revolves around luck, as regardless of what some might say, there are certain things and strategies you can use to increase your chances and win big.

There are some universal systems that can be applied to every game and others specifically designed for each game. So, if one really wants to increase their chances, learning and mastering some wagering strategies can be of vast help.

Besides that, practicing is also important, as the more we play, the more we get familiar with the game and how everything works, which can only be helpful in the long run as we can predict certain outcomes. Overall, the simplicity of this game makes it so special and highly popular, and the fact that having some skill can help us win money only enhances the overall experience. Furthermore, searching for the site with the best RTP ratio and bonuses can also help you win money. That is why you should always check independent casino reviews, as it can make your decision on where to play games of chance much easier, and a deep and thorough review you can find at SPY-casino.