Features of Boosting in Online Games – Who Should Order the Service and How to Choose the Right Performer

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Online games have firmly occupied their niche and attract a large number of players who want to write their own story, developing their character.

You have to choose an MMO RPG, a server and start the upgrade procedure, which differs depending on the selected project.

The two most common ways to upgrade are:

  • Quests
  • Grind


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Quests are story and side quests that help players gain experience and gold, earn equipment, and at the same time learn all the content and mechanics that were conceived by the developers and created to educate players in a playful way.

Story missions are assignments that help players learn the history of the project and the continents on which the main action takes place. For example, in World of Warcraft – this is Azeroth.

It is thanks to them that the maximum increase in experience and gold often occurs, and it is also possible to earn equipment and weapons that will help you successfully begin to gain strength on game servers.

Secondary quests are non-mandatory quests that you can complete at your own discretion if you need to gain additional experience, gold, or any other items that can be seen in the preliminary reward upon acceptance.


Grinding is a way to gain experience and earn gold by destroying monsters in game locations.

Such activity can completely replace the quest system and be of great benefit if you have the right character to grind.

Ideally, if you can collect large groups of monsters and destroy them with AoE skills. Then the grind makes sense and will bring benefits and greater benefits than quests, in another case it is better to just complete tasks and not delay your progress with unnecessary actions.

What is boosting?

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Boosting is a service during which you request the help of another player to upgrade your character from another player or service.

Often the service is performed by transferring the account to the performer, but there may be exceptions and gaining levels by joining a group with a booster.

Leveling with a booster player – pros and risks

Here, a booster is a player who actively offers his services on most game projects in the general chat and promises to quickly gain levels.

The advantage of such a booster is the price, or rather the method of payment – often such players are asked to pay a certain amount of game money – gold, gils, adena and other well-known currencies, depending on the selected project.

The downside is the almost complete lack of responsibility for their actions.

The player can simply leave the game and not fulfill his part of the contract and you will simply lose the transferred values. When you try to write to technical support, you will be refused, because you voluntarily transferred the payment to another player and there are no penalties for such actions.

The second minus – no one gives you a guarantee that the booster is really a master of his craft. You can get low percentages and levels, often die and crash from the server and, in fact, just take your time.

For a booster, it is important to know the game well, to be able to farm monsters in large groups correctly, to have good equipment and additional characters, for a quality service.

Boosting with a professional service – pros and cons

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Working with professional services and third-party boosters can be compared to going to a salon or working from home.

The service works not only for the result, but also provides quality assurance and is personally responsible for the quality of the services performed and their potential consequences for its customers.

The advantages include the guarantee of the agreed result and the leaving of all trophies obtained in the process of performing the service as bonuses.

For some players, the need to transfer an account to perform a pumping service will become a minus.

This is done to remove the factor of the client’s influence on the speed and success of the transaction – the task of the booster is to pump out your hero as quickly as possible, and if possible circumstances do not interfere with him, then the procedure will be much faster and more stable.

You do not have to worry about the safety of your data and personal belongings, since any major service values its name and is not engaged in theft and exposing the security of its customers.

VPN is used to log into the account to mask the location.

When you receive a notification about the completion of the service, simply log into your account, change your password and check the level and other related trophies that the booster managed to get during the order.

Where to look for a booster and services

In order to find Boosting service, you need to go to the Findcarry website, which contains the best and most proven offers for the most popular services in MMO RPG – pumping, coaching, selling game gold.

You need to find your project and get acquainted with the current list of offers, choose the best performers based on price, reviews and time of service implementation and order boosting from the performers you like.

The best offers from top services always come first, so they can be considered in the first place.

Who should order boosting services

Boosting is great for those players who want to reach the maximum level as quickly as possible and, having stepped over the routine, will immediately go to conquer top content – raids, PVP, and the best PVE locations.

The service is suitable for a gamer who has been playing his favorite character for a long time, but decided to change his role and start from scratch, but does not want to level up on his own, service providers can also help him with this.

Supports that for various reasons play alone and can’t put out good damage numbers. Healers, tanks, buffers – not all projects pay much attention to them and give them skills for pumping. Other players often pick up supports at high levels when they’re indispensable, but always eliminate those players early on when there’s little danger. To solve this dilemma that there are no supports, and it doesn’t matter if it’s because they don’t want to be pumped, you can order a boosting service and immediately move on to interesting content.

Risks when ordering boosting

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The service itself is one of the safest in terms of gaming sanctions, since you yourself decide to whom and under what conditions you transfer the account and for what purposes you use it.

Of course, sanctions are provided for pumping not with your own hands, but to prove that it was the booster who did it, and not your good friend with a high level of skill, is not just difficult, but almost impossible. The main thing is to use VPN and be careful.