Dealing With Debt Collectors: How To Handle Bank Phone Harassment Calls


Are you getting bank phone harassment calls from debt collectors? If yes, you might want to put them on halt. While it seems challenging to do it, you can take some steps to handle them. In this article, we will discuss ways to deal with debt collectors making harassment calls. By the end, you will know how to get out of this situation.

Debt collectors make harassment calls to people because they aim to receive the amount customers need to pay back. However, the way they treat some customers becomes worse. They start disrespecting them by cursing or disturbing them with frequent calls. So, what should you do if you are in such a situation? There are various methods to deal with these types of debt collectors. All you have to do is find the best one according to your needs.


It is essential to keep some things in your mind if you want to file a complaint against the collectors. You need to have solid proof of Comenity Bank harassment to proceed further. This way, you won’t face any problems or issues while fighting against them. Apart from that, you need to take legal advice from an attorney to prevent risks. They are knowledgeable enough to offer tips you can use without anyone’s help.

Find helpful methods to deal with debt collectors and stop bank phone harassment calls.

What Are The Effective Ways To Deal With Debt Collectors?


Debt collectors asking for money might call you multiple times a day. All this becomes frustrating, annoying, and distressing. The sad part is many people don’t even do anything to get rid of them. Well, you should never ignore when someone is harming your rights. People must understand what they can do in these challenging situations. Here are some options from which you can choose according to your situation-

Check the information about debts

The first thing you need to know is how much money you owe them. Some debt collectors might ask for the repayment of the debts that you didn’t even use. So, make sure to check the information they are providing to you.

There are many cases in which collectors add the unpaid amount of other lenders to your account. This way, they take money from those who don’t consider checking the total debt amount. They follow this strategy to resolve old debt amounts. You must be aware of all these things before deciding on the payment.

Once you check everything, you will know if the debt collectors are genuine or not. And you can tell them that you will pay the amount before the due date. That is how you can stop bank phone harassment to some extent.

It is always crucial to keep a record of the debts you need to pay currently. It also helps in properly managing the funds. You can make a separate notebook or diary to note the same because it can help anytime soon.

Gain Knowledge about Rights


Everything is controlled by laws, and you can use them to stop bank phone harassment. However, before using your rights, you must be aware of the same. Therefore, you must gain enough knowledge regarding all the rights that project a customer from harassment calls.

Debt collectors need to be respectful while talking to you about paying debts. They are not allowed to use any threatening words to make customers uncomfortable. And if they do so, you can file a complaint against the bank. But before that, you must take legal advice from a recognized attorney or professional.

Apart from how they speak, the timings and number of calls they make in a day also matter. There is a specific period in which debt collectors are allowed to call. You need to know everything under the law to prevent such activities.

Collect Phone Recordings or other Evidence

You might already know that the legal authorities only ask for evidence in these cases. That is why you need to collect phone recordings or other proof that you can show them.

Phone recordings are more convenient to collect because they don’t require extra effort. All you need to do is keep all the recordings with the debt collectors safe in a folder. It might help you file a complaint against the bank or financial institution. Many people use them and get successful at punishing debt collectors accordingly.

Prepare a Letter


Another legal thing that you can do to stop bank phone harassment is to prepare a letter. You need to send this letter to the bank constantly trying to contact you.

Anyone can prepare a letter by adding some crucial things regarding the issue. Like, how calls disturb you and why you don’t need them anymore. Besides, you can also write whatever happens due to the frequent calls in your life. If you share your concern with them, they will likely consider it.

However, it is not necessary in every case. You need to know the consequences of everything before writing a letter. Some debt collectors might not even consider it, so you have to develop a new solution.

Communicate professionally

You can easily handle debt collectors professionally and calmly. It might seem challenging, especially if you have experienced threatening words from them.

The primary goal of being professional while communicating is to make debt collectors understand that you will make the repayment quickly. You need to show your professionalism in that case as well

So you don’t have to deal with anything problematic.

Show your Negotiation Skills


Well, negotiation is a difficult task. But it has become essential in every business. You can ask the debt collectors about the amount and show your negotiation skills. This way, you might end up getting everything a little bit cheaper.

The Bottom Line

Bank phone harassment happens to everyone. However, the way you can handle debt collectors is all that matters. The above tips are beneficial to follow.