How to Know if Your Dog Is Lonely When You Are Away and How to Fix It If They Are


Many people worry about their puppy feeling lonely while at work or running errands, and it is also very common for a dog to get bored when they are left alone for a long time. But different breeds of dogs will show these signs differently, so here are a few signs you will need to watch out for to know whether your dog is bored or lonely while home alone.

Some dog breeds tend to get more anxious than other dog breeds. For example, Cavapoo puppies will probably show anxiousness through whining more than chewing like other dogs. If you are looking for a Cavapoo, the Cavapoo price can range between one thousand and three thousand dollars depending on the breeder.

Also, once you find out that your dog is feeling lonely, you will need to find a solution that will work for your dog and keep them busy, so here are some solutions you can try out as well.

Get a Pet Camera


One of the only ways you will be able to know if they are lonely while you are away is by being able to see them while you are out. So, get a camera that can connect to your phone and allow you to see them at all times. If you need to get more than one camera to see them if they go in different rooms, then do. It is for sure worth it. Also, ensure you put the camera up high and hide the cord, as the cord could be dangerous for your fur baby and break if your dog gets it.

Laying Down


Unless your dog is in their elderly stage, lying down all day can signify loneliness. Usually, when this is a sign of loneliness, they will occasionally get up and walk around either to look out the window or just to walk around. One thing you can try is getting them a puppy puzzle. You put treats in a puppy puzzle, and your dog learns how to open it and get a treat! This will keep them busy while also curing their boredom.

Signs of Anxiety

If your dog shows signs of anxiety, it usually means separation anxiety. Some signs you need to watch out for are howling or barking, chewing random objects, urinating, pacing, etc. Signs of anxiety are usually pretty obvious and easy to spot. If your dog shows these signs, you can try two different things. Firstly, you can try getting a dog sitter or taking your dog to a puppy daycare. This way, they won’t feel lonely and will have both people and other dogs to play and interact with. Secondly, you can get another dog to keep your first dog company if you are open. Although, when you are first introducing them, make sure you don’t just leave them alone and play with both of them. This will help them warm up to each other and get comfortable. Then before you know it, they will be best buddies.

The effects of loneliness on dogs


They are social animals that thrive on companionship. When they are left alone for extended periods of time, they can become bored, anxious, and depressed. This can lead to destructive behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, and digging. They may also become withdrawn and lose interest in food and play.

Loneliness can have a significant impact on their physical and mental health. It is important to make sure your pet has plenty of human interaction when you are away. This can include hiring a dog walker or dog sitter, or just taking them to your friends or parents.

There are also many toys and products available that can help keep your pet entertained and engaged when you are not around. These include puzzle toys, treat dispensers, Kongs filled with peanut butter or another favorite treat, chew toys, and more. Taking the time to provide your dog with enrichment activities will help reduce the effects of loneliness and keep them happy and healthy.

Make a Puppy Area


If your dog gets into things whether you are home or not, try using baby gates to keep them from going into certain rooms of your house. Also, as a safety precaution, ensure the cleaners aren’t near your puppy’s reach. This way, they will have their own area, and you have a sense of comfort that they aren’t getting into anything that will make a mess or could be a danger for them. Also, ensure they have everything they need in that area, like toys, food, and a bed.

It is common for a dog to get bored while you are out, so just try a few different things to keep them busy, like getting a puppy puzzle, another dog (if you are ready for one), or even just taking them to a puppy daycare.

The signs of a lonely dog

A pet that is lonely may exhibit a number of different behaviors. They may become more clingy and needy, follow you around the house more, seem depressed or anxious, bark or howl more often, destroy things in the home, or stop eating. If you notice any of these changes in your pet’s behavior, it is important to take action to help them. You can provide them with more attention and exercise when you are home, leave them with toys or puzzles to keep them occupied, or enroll them in a pet daycare to help socialize them.


We hope that this article has been informative and helpful in teaching you how to tell if your dog is lonely when you are away. By paying attention to your pet’s behaviors, providing a stimulating environment with toys, interactive games, and even doggie daycare if necessary can help keep your pup happy while you’re gone. Feel free to experiment with different remedies until you find the right one for both of you!