What Junk Food Can You Eat As A Vegan?


Just because we end up going vegan doesn’t mean we have to drop all the great snacks and junk food from our repertoire. Despite them not being good for us, there’s that occasional craving that brings us back to the standard chips and chocolates from our childhood.

Candy bars, gummies, crackers, or cookies all eventually make their way into our diet as a guilty pleasure, if nothing else. So, let’s check what junk food you can eat as a vegan.

Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili


The classic junk food, a bag of Doritos, is always a tempting offer. However, a number of Doritos use whey which goes against the vegan diet we may be employing. Thankfully, there’s a solution for getting our Doritos cravings fulfilled without breaking the veganism.

That being Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili. This flavor is completely dairy-free and gives us an option for that snacky goodness that’s completely cruelty-free. Plus, it has a nice bit of chili to contribute to the flavor.


Another favorite of any junk food junkie is also vegan. Oreos may be mostly consumed with milk, but a plain one is more than welcome in our vegan diet. These cookies already fill quite a special niche for those who like junk food, so it’s good that there’s no need to seek a vegan replacement. Considering how perfect the combination for this cookie is, we doubt it’d be easy to replicate.



Now for some dry salt crackers. The salt crackers are extremely tasty and simple. These crackers are also extremely good for any sort of combination with other junk foods.

They can be a great base to put things on, dipped into sauces, or crushed for some rather unhealthy mixes. Ritz crackers are butter-free, making them not only vegan but far more lightweight. Cheese and toppings are also perfect for these little crackers.

Nutter Butter cookies

Another peanut treat, Nutter Butter cookies, fulfill that crunch that junk food cravings can often desire from us. Nutter Butter cookies may not taste much like peanuts, but boy, do they have certain grit to them.

The peanut butter sandwich cookies are, unsurprisingly, made mostly out of peanut butter. This can, in some cases, bring up concerns about the way said butter was made, but Nutter Butter are tried and true example of cruelty-free cookies.

Famous Amos


Now for some cookies, we have Famous Amos. Snack for those who like the crumbling of cookies, Famous Amos peanut butter treats are fantastic and vegan. Famous Amos peanut butter cookies do not lack in filling. There’s a ton of peanut butter in here to flavor your cookie pleasures.


Fritos are simple and good corn chips that bring a crunchy taste to this palette of junk food. These chips contain nothing but corn, corn oil, and salt. With those ingredients in mind, you are guaranteed the vegan nature of this junk food.

Additionally, that corny crunch can truly make a snack come together. However, be careful. Any other flavoring may contain non-vegan ingredients due to not specifying what materials they are.

Denny’s Hash Browns


While it may not be a simple snack, Hash Browns are fantastic breakfast options for those who like the junky feel of this food. Specifically, those in Denny’s will provide us with vegan options for an early snack.

Of course, this was confirmed by Cruelty Free reviews along with some of the other Denny’s vegan options. These include fries as well, which may be even less healthy for you than hash browns.

Lay’s Classic

Speaking of chips, you cannot go wrong with Lays’. Their classic potato chip flavor has been around for decades and sticks with us even if we switch to a fully vegan diet. Lay’s Classic is the one to go for, as these chips contain no ingredients of an animal nature.

They may have a huge amount of salt and grease, and they are definitely not good for us, but Lay’s are still vegan. Considering how much child-like joy scoffing down a whole bag can be, that’s a huge plus.

Lindt cocoa chocolate bar


Now for something that’s not as bad for our stomachs. Lindt chocolate bars can provide a good option for those willing to get that chocolate fix in. While milk chocolate is usually made out of cow milk, the new line of Lindt chocolate offers oat milk replacement to the standard dairy milk.

Additionally, the high-cocoa ones prove to be a perfect chocolatey snack with the bonus of being somewhat good for us too. As you can imagine, the health benefits of cocoa are easier to feel when supported by other healthy ingredients.

Sour Patch Kids


Now, if you want to really go deep into junk food, there’s no better junk than gummies. Out of them, Sour Patch Kids may be the junkiest, but vegan ones. These gummies are made without gelatin, using vegan ingredients instead.

The Sour Patch Kids also have that signature sour taste that gives a special kind of thrill. Of course, your teeth will be in massive pain later, but it’s worth it for the short-lived satisfaction.

Pop Tarts

Before we continue, we are specifically talking about unfrosted Pop Tarts. Who knows what’s in all of that frosting, but it definitely isn’t vegan. However, their standard Pop Tarts are an alright snack for those who dig them. Especially fruitier flavors among them. They are absolutely awful for you and have a very fake texture, but hey, the stomach sometimes wants that form of food.


The choice of junk food is massive, and we are bound to eventually want to try new things. Thankfully, there are quite a few varied options to choose from and stay vegan. Of course, even if you find a similar type of snack, it pays to check the brand itself.

Although recipes and ingredients may look the same, it’s usually simple to sneak something past the inspections. Always keep wary when trying new things and enjoy the confirmed cruelty-free options.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should still consume junk foods in moderation or completely avoid them if possible. This is because junk foods are one of the causes of tooth decay and cavities, and vegans are more susceptible to dental health issues due to their diet that is high in natural sugar and acidic food. If you’d like to know more about how you can better take care of your teeth as a vegan, it’s best to find a dental expert by searching a phrase like ‘dentist near me Kissimmee’ on the internet.