Myron Gaines Personal and Professional Life


Want to know more about Myron Gaines? This article contains all details about Myron Gaines and his physical appearance, age, birthday, nationality, net worth, personal life, and professional life. Myron Gaines is well-known on social media because of his viral Tiktok videos. Although you must know about his viral Tiktoks, you might not be aware of his history and where he belongs. Let’s discover more about Myron Gaines.

Though he is known as Myron Gaines, his real name is Amrou Fudl. Myron is an American Youtuber, Tiktok star, a well-known fitness trainer, and an actor. He belongs to Miami. Myron has millions of followers on social media, including YouTube and Instagram. Although the reason behind his fame was Tiktok, the app has banned him. He also worked as an HSI agent for some years. HSI is an American agency that works for the security of the USA. Their job is to conduct criminal investigations.

Biography of Myron Gaines



Myron Gaines was born on the 22nd of September 1987 in the USA. He belongs to a mixed ethnicity. According to some reports, he belongs to the African- American ethnicity. As he was born in September, Myron’s zodiac sign is Virgo.


As of August 2024, he is 34 years old. The fitness coach will be turning 35 years old in September 2024.


Myron Gaines was born in the United States of America. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, USA.


As he was born in the USA, he holds an American nationality.


The American fitness trainer was born into a Christian family. Thus, he belongs to the religion of Christianity.

Physical Appearance


Myron has an attractive male body which he has maintained with gym and diet. He stands tall with a total height of around 5 feet 9 inches which is 175 cm.


Being physically active and fit makes Myron weigh around 70 kgs which is 154 lbs. He maintains his weight by going to the gym and following a healthy diet.

Body Features

His skin complexion is dark. Myron has black hair and black eyes.

Net Worth

Acting, fitness training, and YouTube make Myron Gaines have an estimated total net worth of around 600k to 700k USD. He is living a high-end life in Miami, Florida.

Early Life


Though he is well-known on social media, Myron has not posted anything related to his parents or siblings on his accounts. The only information social media has about his family is that Myron belongs to an African- American Christian family. The number and names of his siblings are also unknown.


He completed his education at Northeastern University in the USA. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal and Correction degree. Because of this degree, he worked as an HSI agent in Miami for several years.

Relationship Status

Even though he is 34, Myron is still not married, engaged, or in a relationship. He is currently living as a bachelor enjoying his single life.

Social Media Accounts


Tiktok is one of the platforms that played a significant role in the fame of Myron Gaines. He had millions of followers on his Tiktok account, which later got banned because of his unethical comments about women. He posted Tiktoks targeting women with his misogynistic comments. Many people reported his posts and account, and because of this, Tiktok banned him.


The fitness model owns a verified Instagram account with more than 87.8k followers. He is not very active on Instagram. The total number of posts on his account is 17. His Instagram username is unplugfit. He has posted several stories related to fitness and the gym. He posted the first picture on his Instagram account on the 22nd of July in 2024.


Besides Instagram, Myron also owns a Youtube channel with millions of subscribers. The name of his YouTube channel is FreshandFit. It is a podcast channel where the hosts talk about different topics, fitness being one of them. The hosts of this podcast are Fresh Prince and Myron Gaines. This Youtube channel started in 2024 and has more than 826k subscribers.

Acting Career

Apart from Tiktok and YouTube, Myron also pursued a career in acting. He worked on several tv shows and movies. Hoaxed is one of the famous films that Myron worked on. This movie was released in 2019. The directors of this movie are Scooter Downy and Jun Du Toit. Myron is more interested in social media rather than acting.

Facts About Myron Gaines

  • He is a pet lover.
  • He loves traveling.
  • Myron has a fan following of millions.
  • He is a fitness freak.
  • The model loves Chinese and Italian food.

Quick Biography

Full Name

Myron Gaines


34 years old (turning 35 years old in September 2024)


22nd of September, 1987

Zodiac Sign



African- American


United States of America

Currently lives in Miami, Florida, USA





Relationship Status



YouTuber, fitness trainer, retired HSI agent


5 feet 9 inches

175 cm


70 kgs

154 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color


Net Worth

600k to 700k USD


Who is Myron Gaines?

He is a 34 years old American fitness coach, YouTuber, Tiktok star, actor, and retired HSI agent. He lives in Miami, Florida, USA.

Does Myron have a Tiktok account?

He used to have a Tiktok account with many followers but later got banned because of his unethical comments about women. Now, he is not on Tiktok anymore.

Was Myron an HSI agent?

Yes, he worked as an HSI agent for several years in Miami. HSI is a US-based agency for criminal investigations to protect the United States of America.

Is Myron married?

No, he is not married, engaged, or in a relationship. The 34 years old Youtuber is currently single.


Because of his misogynistic comments about women, he faced backlash but stood strong to fight against all the hurdles in his way. Besides facing this backlash, Myron continued to pursue his career and achieve success. Today, he is among the well-known YouTubers from the USA. The above article has stated all details about the American fitness coach Myron Gaines.