Is Online Bingo a Game of Skill or Just Luck? The Debate Is Over


Gambling involves betting on the chance of occurrence of an event that is uncertain. These days online Casinos offer many interesting games; however, some classic games like Blackjack, Bingo, and Poker have been an all-time favorite of players across the world.

Playing a game of Blackjack is considerably different from playing a game of Bingo. And one of the major differences lies in the way in which we perceive the outcomes of these games. Most people tend to think that winning a game of Blackjack requires a considerable amount of skill, and Bingo involves more luck factors. It is precisely because of this reason that BBingo remains a highly popular game all over the world.

People do not need a lot of skills to play Bingo. Moreover, it requires less critical thinking, and the payouts are as good as blackjack. Also, there are a large number of online Casinos like that are offering no deposit online bingo casino games.

What Exactly Is The Game Of Bingo?


It can be played in many versions, like using cards, balls with numbers printed on them, or cards that have random numbers printed on them. The essential principle is that a dealer or an announcer calls out random numbers or cards, and the player who has the matching cards or the matching number wins. The game is usually played for multiple sets, and in the number-based version, many line patterns (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) have to be made. Likewise, in the card version, multiple card sets have to match the dealer’s call.

Since a player has no control over what random number or card gets called, it is largely called a game of luck. Although luck is important, certain tricks and tips can improve the chances of winning a game.

Why does Luck Play An Important Role?

Bingo is largely called a game of luck because the player has no control over what number or card will be called out. It is for this reason that a novice can also win a game. Also, most players pick a lucky number that has their date of birth, etc., to increase their chances of winning a game.

Some Strategies That Can Help A Player Win In Bingo


Playing With Fewer People

In most versions of Bingo, only one person is the ultimate winner. Hence, if someone plays in a large crowd, their individual chances of winning go down proportionately. For instance, if there are only five people in a match, each person has a 20% chance of winning, whereas if a hundred people are playing, then each one has only a 1% chance of winning. Thus, it is a good idea to play in those matches which have fewer players.

Playing Games That Allow Card Buying Offers

There are many versions of Bingo, and some of the versions allow one or two free or buy one get three free options available. Here if a person buys one card, they can get two or three cards for free. Playing with more cards or more numbers increases the probability of winning. If a person buys one card and gets two free, he is trying to get a match with eight cards, whereas his opponents will have to get a random match with just eight cards.

Playing 1TG or 2TG Matches

Usually, the player who gets all the matches the fastest wins Bingo. However, there are variations where some money is also given to 1TG or 2TG players. A 1TG is a person who has one card left to match before someone completes a bingo. Likewise, 2TG is someone who has two cards to match before the match is over. It is always a good idea to search for those sites which offer a winning amount to 1TG or 2TG players. These games have more number of winners, which increases everybody’s chance of making some money.

Being Attentive While The Announcer Calls Out


Many people do not win because they are not attentive enough while the dealer is calling out the cards or the announcer is calling out the digits. Hence, being attentive throughout the match significantly increases the chances of winning. Another common problem faced by many people is that they do not strike out the digits properly. Hence, they do not realize that they have actually completed a pattern.

It is advisable that people should be very attentive while they are playing. In case of an online match, the person should be prepared to sit for a long time so that they do not miss any digit. Again, it is a common practice to carry tapes to cover up the digits that have already been called out. Once a portion is covered with tape, there is very little chance that it will be missed at a later occasion.

Choosing Median Numbers

Although there is no scientific proof for this strategy yet, it is generally believed that median numbers have a higher chance of winning. For instance, if a Bingo has zero to hundred numbers, forty to fifty are the median numbers for this set. Hence, many people prefer to pick up Bingo cards that have many median numbers and fewer numbers on the extreme ends of the spectrum, like single digits numbers.



Winning Bingo is quite simple; hence many new players try their luck here before they play Blackjack or Poker. However, it is not only a game of luck, and people become better with practice. They might get better because they become more attentive while listening to the announcements, or they might just get a hunch of the numbers that have a higher chance of registering a win.

Bingo has always been a social game where a large number of players can participate. Presently with Online Casinos that are making gambling easier and more lucrative for all, the popularity of Bingo is going to see a huge rise in the near future.