Pundit’s Picks: Round Three Updates of the NFL Draft

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The NFL Draft is a pre-season event that builds up the tension before the official NFL games start. Here, teams get the chance to dominate the following season by picking the best college athletes in the league. Moreover, the draft involves a comprehensive system with seven rounds, complete with training results, predictions, interviews, free agent offers, transactions, and so many more.

Additionally, the heat of the NFL Draft is only becoming more prominent each day as round three is already over. In this draft stage, free agency is already on a wave, and teams are looking left and right to balance out their game across the league. So here are the latest updates from eight picks this round:

Chicago Bears

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If the Chicago Bears require a strong position outside quarterbacks, they would also undoubtedly need cornerbacks. These positions on the field require agility to go up against the opponent’s offense – a challenging assignment that the Bears need to fulfill. 

Moreover, the Bears took on Kelee Ringo, a press-man corner from the University of Georgia. He has a perfect size and the agility to speed with receivers down the sideline. Additionally, Ringo’s size allows him enough recoverability to complete passes through narrow openings. Furthermore, you can expect the Bears to make an upturn in the next NFL games, especially with their picks in this year’s draft. 

Houston Texans

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Houston Texans have a long overdue issue that needs to be addressed. Since the 2020 NFL Draft, this team needed to strengthen their defensive side, like their pass-rushing production. That year, the Houston Texans had poor results, finishing 27th overall in defense and allowing 346 first downs.  

This year, the team is trying to make a comeback by picking Mike Morris, who had noteworthy pass-rusher moments during his final year in college for the Michigan Wolverines. Although Morris is a big defender, he is surprisingly fast. He can potentially be dangerous as a pass rusher — holding a record of totaling seven sacks, 23 tackles, and two passes during 2022.

Arizona Cardinals

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Emmanuel Forbes is the new pick of the Arizona Cardinals, a Mississippi-state cornerback who holds the record for most interceptions returned for touchdowns (or pick sixes) in 2022. Not only this, but he started making a name for himself with three pick-sixes even during his freshman season. 

This year, you can expect Forbes to make game-changing plays whenever a quarterback is thrown in his direction. With the build, speed, and skill to boot, he is a playmaker best picked by the Arizona Cardinals.

Denver Broncos

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The Denver Broncos had two picks this round: Zacch Pickens from the University of South Carolina and Hendon Hooker from the University of Tennessee. Defensive tackle Zacch Pickens stands with a record of only 4.89 seconds for the 40-year dash and 1.74 seconds for the 10-yard split. Additionally, Pickens has a gap-control tackle, equipped with the quickness and skill to create advantages as both a defender and pass rusher.  

On the other hand, Hendon Hooker marked himself in the NFL when he flashed his abilities by completing 68% of his passes for 2,945 yards in 2021 alone. In 2022, his percentage rose to 70% for 3,135 yards. With such a record, Hooker is built to operate accurately as a rhythm passer, showing abilities in quick passing and precision in throws.

Los Angeles Rams

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The Los Angeles Rams look toward Zach Charbonnet, a quality receiver who transferred from the Michigan Wolverines to the University of California. Since 2019, Charbonnet has already carved his name in the college leagues as he holds the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

During the same year, he led the Michigan Wolverines with 726 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns. Moreover, he improved despite missing three games because of an injury. In 2022, he earned the first-team All-Pac 12 accolades as a leading rusher.

Las Vegas Raiders

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Suppose the Las Vegas Raiders want an upgrade in their offensive line, in that case, Wanya Morris from the University of Oklahoma still has to prove himself with a core strength that can effectively push back rush bullies. 

Although this pass-setter has a solid inside hand, he still has to improve his drive strength in his lower half and ability to sustain blocks. Nonetheless, his physical build and experience make up for a potential swing tackle role.

New Orleans Saints

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This year, the New Orleans Saints picked Daiyan Henley, a player with excellent sideline speed. This entails that he has the skill to move on the field’s sidelines efficiently. Moreover, Henley clocked 4.54 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine last March 2, 2024. 

In 2022, Henley had a great campaign at Washington State with 106 tackles, four sacks, one interception, and three forced fumbles. Henley is a solid tackler who wraps up ball carriers, gets them to the ground, and even holds his ground against a tackle. 

Final Thoughts

Although these are only eight picks, these will help you look into the weaknesses of each team. Likewise, this info can balance and manage those weaknesses with their picks as each round comes. Likewise, it would be best for you to stay updated on your favorite NFL team!