Building Strong Partnerships: Effective Collaboration With Staffing Agencies


The process of hiring a new employee can be tiring and challenging, and of course, it is time-consuming. However, staffing agencies help businesses in their recruitment by providing them with a pool of professionals who are skilled. They help businesses by reducing the expense and time required to fill vacant positions.

When the economy is thriving, such as in Beaverton, where the median earning is above the national average at $62,651 per year, there is a chance of expansion of business and new opportunities. Beaverton is seeing the growth of businesses and companies, and staffing agency Beaverton allows these businesses to streamline their recruitment process. They find, assess and recruit talented, skilled professionals for temporary or full-time positions.

It is evident that staffing agencies do wonders for businesses, but how can an organization build strong partnerships with staff agencies?

How Does A Staffing Agency Work?


Before getting into details, first, understand how a staffing agency works.

  • The HR department of the organization communicates with the staffing agency regarding the job position that is open and if they want the employee for a full-time or a part-time position.
  • After getting the details, the staffing agencies recruit the candidates. They find candidates based on the skills required by the clients. After that, they interview the candidates.
  • After that, it is up to the organization which candidate they want to hire. The staffing agency provides a group of candidates who are eligible, skilled, and fit for the role. And then, the organization decides which candidate is best for their team.

How To Build A Strong Partnership with Your Staffing Agency


When you have to build a strong relationship, the first step is to be transparent about your needs. When you are open and clear about your expectations, the agency will have more success in finding the right candidate. Below are some things that you can follow to have a strong partnership that will last for years to come:

The Job Description

You have to mention the responsibilities, what skills you require, etc. The more information you provide, the more chances you are finding the right candidate. It will also help them to narrow their search.

Always Provide The Timeline

Timeline plays a crucial role; after all, it decides if you want an employee for the short or long term. So, you must be clear about the timeline, which also helps the agency create recruitment plans. Also, if the timeline changes, you should communicate with the staffing agency immediately.

Participate In The Process


It is true that with the help of a staffing company, you do not have to deal with the tiring recruitment process; however, you must get involved in the process. How much your involvement will depend on your preferences. But you must be available to collaborate with the agency. This will help in building a trustworthy partnership.

Always Provide Feedback

When you give the feedback of the candidate recommended by the staffing company, it helps them to strengthen their recruitment process. And it will help your organization in the future, too, when you need their recruitment services. When they know that the employees are skilled or if they are incompatible, they can work to improve their process.

Why You Should Opt For Staffing Agencies


Having a relationship and partnership with a staffing agency is beneficial as it:

  • Reduces Overhead Costs: When you need a temporary employee, you do not have to pay for retirement plans, healthcare, etc. The employee works till the work gets completed. And you do not have to bear the overhead cost.
  • Short-Term Staff: There might be a time when your staff is sick or on leave, and you want a replacement but only for a short period. And if you follow the traditional recruitment route, it will take a lot of your time. But with staffing agencies, you have the flexibility to hire employees for any duration.
  • Save Your Resources And Time: The agency speeds up the hiring process, so instead of spending weeks sourcing the candidates, you can easily hire employees from the selected group of candidates offered by the agency.
  • Expand Search: The agencies connect you with qualified and skilled professionals who fit your company’s requirements. With more access to the talent pool, there are high chances to get a better candidate.

Things To Consider When Hiring A Staffing Agency


You know why partnering with a staffing agency is vital, but how can you pick the right one? Check out these points:

  • First, find out how much experience they have. You can check how the company has been in business.
  • You must look for longevity and stability. You must check how consistent the firm is in delivering results.
  • Check what strategies they use to speed up the recruitment process. How do they select the candidates? How do they eliminate it?
  • When selecting a company, you must focus on the company experienced in your field. Or opt for a staffing company that has multiple domains. For example, look out for one who can provide staff for commercial purposes, healthcare, etc.
  • You should also see if they have a wide network and know the right people. What other companies have they collaborated with? This will give you an idea if the company can fulfil your requirements or not.
  • Consider their employee retention and engagement. You should ask the company about the initiatives to engage and retain the employees. If the staffing company has employees who have long tenure, then it is a sign that it has good retention. If a company cannot keep its employees happy, then how can they find the perfect one for you? Right!


Summing up, having a strong partnership with a staffing company is always beneficial for any organization. These agencies perform all the selection and recruitment processes and provide the business with the best pool of candidates. It does not matter which type of employment you are looking for, temporary or full-time working with the staffing company helps you save cost and time.