What Types Of Tools Does Every Small Business Needs

Competition among businesses has become a global trend. It has become the survival of the fittest and businesses that cannot thrive in this competitive environment are pushed out of the box. The odds are high, and the steam is hot.

Every business is embracing new techniques, including email scrapers, to boost productivity while providing top-notch service delivery to its clients. The use of modern tech tools, such as email scrapers, has recorded an upsurge in how businesses deliver to their customers while maintaining a profit margin necessary to help them stay in business.

4 Types Of Business Tech Tools

To keep on with the current trend, small-scale businesses are looking for unique modern tools to aid their operations and set them aside in the competitive business world. There are tons of software and tech tools available on the internet. But then, choosing the best tool that suits your business needs becomes a lingering issue, and this brings us to the goal of this guide.

In subsequent sections of this article, we shall be elaborating some details on necessary tech tools requisite of every small business, and under every heading, we will be highlighting a few recommendations for the benefit of our followers, enjoy the splurge.

1. Communication Tool


In any business, communication is key. The way you relate with your current and/or prospective clients tells a lot about your offerings. It gives customers perception of your brand and helps them decide on continued patronage. As customers are the backbone of any business, you sure don’t want to lose them.

  • Call Recorder

For businesses looking for unique techniques to foster goodwill, you require a call recorder software. Why do you need a call recorder? With the increased number of business operations and the need to improve customer satisfaction, it becomes imperative to install a system to help keep track of business calls.

An automatic Call Recorder for iPhone tool is all you need to get this done promptly. You can check here for more about its features. When customers get satisfied with your service delivery, they tend to build trust and loyalty in your brand. Therefore, you need a call recording system to help with that. More so, you can escape litigation when you have records of all calls with customers.

  • Tidio Chat

Communication is vital to every business. When customers are not engaged, they tend to switch their interests. The Tidio Chat app provides an automated chat service for users. So, you need not worry about engaging your customers during work hours.

It is an effective customer care instrument to aid your service delivery by providing swift responses to customers’ complaints. Moreover, it helps to access your site visitors by reaching out to them during business hours.

2. Sales Tools


Sale is a major factor that helps keep business running. This is why it is paramount for businesses to generate more sales. The use of tech tools can help steer the focal points needed by the sales team to achieve their sales target. The following are useful platforms that when utilized, will help to drive your sales to stardom.

  • Livestorm

Sales just got better with the evolution of Livestorm to the business realm. Livestorm is a web hosting platform for small-scale businesses. It is an ideal instrument to drive all your sales and promotional campaigns.

It is a perfect tool to advance your team’s productivity. For those just joining the e-business domain, Livestorm is a platform to experiment.

  • LeadPages

One of the best landing page builders, LeadPages is a soft page landing tool to help convert site visitors to real-time customers. It is an exclusive tech tool needed by every business, especially for up-and-coming startups. The cost charged is relatively cheaper compared to its exclusive service offers. The site is user-friendly with several editable templates to choose from. It gives users a personalized experience when considering the best design that meets their business demands.

3. Marketing Tools


The modern business environment is highly competitive. In other to beat this competition, there is a need to create strategic campaigns to help stimulate sales, this is the primary goal of every marketing campaign.

But then, there are lots of other business dealings that require utmost attention, hence the need for a tech tool to help steer your marketing objectives. We have a list of platforms to help you achieve your marketing aims. Check them out below.

  • OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a strong pop-up system creator and a site traffic conversion tool. It helps to generate tailored ads for site visitors based on previous dealings on your site domain. The platform provides a unique experience for those looking for ways to take advantage of converting traffic to sales.

  • ActiveCampaign

Over the years, we have seen the massive embracement of mail in communication among individuals and businesses. There is a need to create an algorithm to automate emails to targeted customers. Email marketing campaigns are implemented through the delivery of newsletters to current and prospective clients.

ActiveCampaign is one of a kind among several tools that provide radically automated and targeted promotional offers through emails. It allows small businesses to create and send personalized ads to help steer their marketing campaigns, it is indeed a must-have for every start-up.

4. Analytics Tools


Many businesses have faded out due to the heat of market competition. To thrive in the constantly evolving business world, every business needs to make informed strategic decisions with the data readily available within their jurisdiction. This is when analytic tools become handy.

Analytics programs avail you with requisite data relating to customer interactions on your website with recommendations on the most effective ways to improve service delivery to clients.

  • Hotjar

Hotjar is a software program that gives you an analysis of customer engagement on your site. It provides useful data that will help you make decisions to convert site visitors to customers.

It further allows users to modify their site contents and interface to improve site friendliness and general user experience.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a modern tech tool that helps businesses assess customers’ experience on their sites through evaluation. It is a free tool that gives you insights into the number of site visitors, time of visit, browsing location as well as their activities on your site.