Effortlessly Trendy: Top Fashion Tips For Navigating Summer In Style

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The sun is shining bright, and the flowers are booming; well, it looks like summer is already here! Whether you are a social person or you like to spend your time indoors, or you are the best of both worlds, one question that can be confusing is what to wear in summer! Most people look for a way in which they can be stylish yet comfortable.

There are some staple choices such as t-shirts, sweatpants, etc. However, now and then, it is a must to change your wardrobe and try something new, or you can go with the trends. However, one of the most comfortable is the lulu b clothing, as it is fun, functional, colorful, and perfect for everyday work and play. So, if you are looking for a way to embrace fashion this summer, this guide is for you!

Summer’s Favorite: White

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When talking about summer clothing, how can one forget white? You can maintain the cool with whites; they perfectly balance casual, easygoing, and stylish. It is what you need on a hot summer day. You can never go wrong with a white cotton T-shirt or a top. The cotton fabric is breathable, and it works for your fashionable look too. For example, there are pleated shirt dresses you can pair up with your footwear, be it flats, heels, sneakers, etc., and you are good to go.

Remember that monochrome style does not always have to be boring; you can play with it. You can try different textures of fabrics and create your look. You can also amp up your look by mixing a simple white cotton shirt with any ruffled skirt, or you can wear a white denim skirt with a crochet top. As you can see, there are different ways to style white!

Say Yes To Prints

One thing you must remember is that prints are worth trying. They are eye-catching, and they provide you with effortless styling. That means you do not have to do much; for example, if you are getting late, just pick up a patterned dress, and you are good to go.

Summers provide you with a perfect opportunity to play with prints. You can get a splash shirt dress or a tropical asymmetric top, and there is no doubt that the lovely prints will make your wardrobe pop out. Since prints are in itself eye-catching, you do not need any accessories.

Off-Shoulder Dresses And Tops

This is one of the styles that is always popular and is one of the best ways to beat the heat this summer. You can also mix and match, such as you can wear balloon sleeves, ruffles, and smocked tops. There are different types, such as bandeau tops, off-shoulder bralettes, etc.; these styles will make every day feel like a getaway.

Aviators Are The Way

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If you are looking to buy a pair of sunglasses but are worried they might go out of style, you can always opt for Aviators. They are fantastic, and they are always in style. It is a timeless shape that looks perfect on both men and women.

Try Loose Clothing

Loose and flowy clothes are your best friend in summer. They are breezy that allow your body to breathe. You can opt for softer fabrics like chiffon, silk, cotton, crochet, or lace. If you want something stylish, you can get an A-line dress with fan sleeves, perfect for the outdoors.

Breathable Fabric

Whichever type of dress or clothes you pick, fabric plays an important role. Fabric that sticks to your body is a big No, during summer. You can avoid synthetics like polyester, spandex, etc., that stick and cling to your body. You can opt for linen, and they look classy too. Another versatile fabric is cotton which keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Also, when picking a fabric, you must think about the activities. For example, if you spend more time outside, you can look for clothes with built-in UV protection. If you will be spending time near water, pick items that are appropriate for swimming and quick-drying.

Find A Perfect Pair Of Shorts

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Every woman deserves a pair of shorts that are perfect for them. It can be a bit difficult to find something that will be perfectly fit, but when you do find it, there is no going back. You can go for neutral tailored shorts, and you can wear them at home, work, outside, etc. Pair them up with your cute top, and you are good to go. It not only makes you feel confident but comfortable too.

Additional tip

If you think that layering is only for winter, this is where you are wrong. Do not let summers stop you from layering. Breathable and light fabrics such as cotton or linen are perfect. You can layer your tank top with your utility or a denim jacket. When you layer, you create versatile outfits. So, do not be afraid to experiment and find your style.

You have seen some of the fashion tips above; however, for summer, there is one tip that you must never skip. It is to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. It protects your skin, so pick a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. You must apply it on your face, neck, or other body parts exposed to the sun.


Summing up, it goes without saying that summers are perfect to break out of your fashion shell and try something stylish yet comfortable. Summer is about embracing prints, playful patterns, colors, etc. Dressing up for the summer season does not mean you have to sacrifice fashion.

You can pick a printed top and pair it with your shorts, or you can wear a flowy dress, put up your sunglasses and look chic. This summer, your goal should be to beat the heat while looking your best, so follow the tips mentioned above and be ready to slay. Also, remember to apply sunscreen and stay hydrated.