4 Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms

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Cryptocurrency is not a new word in the world of trading because of the convenience and user-friendly features it has. Crypto copy trading provides an opportunity for individuals to copy the trading practices of successful and experienced traders who have traded a lot of cryptocurrencies and have earned a good amount of money. The copy trading platforms allow traders to select a number of traders that will be most suitable for their trading experience.

The users can view the trading strategies, historical performances, risk levels, and metrics. Also, the investors can set certain parameters for maintaining the risks. They can know about different ways and strategies that they can use in the future and ensure effective crypto trading. If you want to know more about one of the reliable copy trading platforms in detail, then you should check Bidsbee and learn in detail about the dynamics, features, and pros of crypto copy trading.

Further, this article will cover some of the best crypto copy trading platforms that can ensure the best crypto exchange experience.

Some of the Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms

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If you are a new investor in the crypto reading world, then there are several different things that you might know about. You should know about the crypto dynamics. Why is it crucial to copy the trading strategy of other experienced traders? There are several different things that you need to know about copy trading and why people are relying on it. If you are planning to enlighten yourself with copy trading, then you must scroll down to know more.

1. Bidsbee

Bidsbee is one of the convenient ways to do copy trading because of its ease of use and high adaptability. The platform knows its traders well and organizes their platform accordingly. An individual can grow their income by following the footsteps or the strategies of experienced traders and learn many things from their experiences. It is best suited for beginners as you don’t need proper knowledge for crypto trading. All a beginner has to do is just to rely on a professional and start following their crypto trading strategies.

Transparency ensures credibility. Bidsbee tries to give each and every piece of information to the traders, which is crucial for their trading journey. The platform provides all the data to the user by displaying it in a single dashboard in a trader’s account.

One of the major reasons to look up to Bidsbee is that it offers non-custodial services, which means that it does not ask traders to deposit or store their funds anywhere on the platform.

2. Covesting

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It is a program that is connected to different big traders and allows new and aspiring traders to know the investor closely. It provides diversification by ensuring multiple traders with different strategies. Users can also know about several ways an experienced person will use in a particular event, and you must handle it. Covesting has been helping out the novices for a very long time.

Also, Covesting is automated, which basically means you have to choose a particular trader, and the software will ultimately replicate their trades on an individual account. This leaves a lot of time and effort for a particular individual. Other than providing professional guidance, it also streamlines lines. The users have the liberty to set their parameters to protect their investing results.

It is a highly flexible source as whenever a user wants to withdraw their earnings, they can easily do it at any time. They are not restricted from expanding their crypto career, and this is one of the greatest points.

3. Coinmatics

This is another copy trading source that ensures that if a beginner is playing to invest their time and effort on the platform, they can get a satisfactory experience. It is known for providing high-security features that ensure that even if a trader is provided crucial information about themselves, then with the help of authentication, it can be protected. It provides a large source of traders and helps to track their records, learn from their experiences, know their strategies, and know what are the risk involved.

Portfolio diversification is possible due to the features and copying of the transactions of other traders that are there on Coinmatics. Copy trading is one of the best ways to start your trading journey, as it reduces risk and ensures that you succeed in investing.

As an advanced crypto copy exchange platform, Coinmatics streamlines the copying of trades, knowing diversifying features. It consists of trading bots that can automatically execute trading on behalf of a trader.

4. eToro

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eToro is a well-known social trading system that provides copy trading for a number of assets like stocks and forex and also includes cryptocurrency. The platform provides you with a wide variety of information related to the past performances and experiences of the professionals. It consists of filters that allow the trader to use the platform according to their need. Also, the future outcomes cannot be predicted by past performance.

Less than five years of trading history are provided, which may not be sufficient to serve as a basis for an investment decision. This why filter is crucial, and you can filter out the duration related to the performance of professional traders. It is recommended to copy a trader who has shown consistency in their results and has seen tremendous growth in their journey. It consists of multiple cryptocurrencies, so when the value of a particular cryptocurrency goes down, you can trade through another cryptocurrency.

eToro comes with several different addition of features that ensure that the trading experience can be improved. It includes tools like CopyPortfolio that allow users to invest in a portfolio of successful traders and suggest other changes while trading their cryptocurrency.


In the future, these platforms will get even more advanced because of AI and chatbots. If you are planning to invest your time, effort, and money, then you should know which platform is favorable for you and then make your decision to invest and trade through copy trading.