Biography of Ana Lorde


There are millions of bloggers and influencers on social media. These social media influencers use their accounts for educating their followers about different things. Many of them are promoting fashion on their social media accounts. Ana Lorde is one of these influencers.

Ana Lorde is a fashion model, adult star, influencer, Instagram and Tiktok Star. She was born in the United States of America. The model has gained a lot of popularity because of her unique posts and captions under her pictures on her social media accounts.

Ana has more than 6 million followers on her Instagram account. Moreover, she has a fan following of millions on her Tiktok, Facebook, and OnlyFans too.

Even after having millions of followers, many facts about her life have not been disclosed by the model on social media. You might be thinking that what is Ana Lorde’s age? When and where was she born? What is her relationship status? Well, we are here to answer your questions by providing you with the Biography of Ana Lorde.

Biography of Ana Lorde



Ana Lorde was born on the 15th of July, 1988 in the United States of America. As she was born in July, her zodiac sign is Cancer.


As stated above, Ana was born in 1988. She is 33 years old. The Instagram model is turning 34 on the 15th of July this year i.e 2024.


As Ana Lorde was born in the United States of America, she holds an American Nationality. She is settled in the United States too.


Ana belongs to the religion of Christianity.


Ana Lorde’s height is around 5’5” inches and 165.1 in cms.


The Instagram model Ana Lorde’s weight is approximately 55kgs which is 121.2 lbs. She has a curvy body which attracts many people to her.

Body Measurements

With an attractive curvy body shape, her body measurements are 36-26-42. The model has blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. Her unique body shape has been the center of attention for many people. The model has a good number of tattoos on her body. Each of these tattoos have a unique design and meaning.

Her physical appearance has changed in all these years which can be seen on her Instagram posts. The model has changed her hair color. Moreover, she has gone through surgeries to make her body shape more attractive.

Net Worth


Modeling, social media influencing, and accounts on different websites being her way of income makes her have a net worth of more than 4 million USD. Although she is living a luxurious life, her monthly income has not been disclosed on social media.

Early Life

Ana Lorde belongs to a mixed ethnicity. As mentioned above, she holds an American nationality. She wanted to pursue modeling as a career from a young age. The model has been passionate about fashion since she was in high school. The model has kept many things about her life hidden from social media, her education being one of them. The name of her education institutes and cities are still unknown. After graduating, Ana started her career in the field of fashion modeling.

Ana Lorde has worked for many brands and magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Maxim, and many more. She has gone through many surgeries to have such a type of body shape. Ana has worked in many brands as a plus-size model. Now she is a famous model, adult star, and Instagram star.

Personal Life

Although Ana Lorde is very famous and has a fan following of millions, she has not disclosed anything about her personal life. Her social media accounts do not contain anything related to her parents, siblings, etc.

Relationship Status

According to reports and her social media accounts, Ana Lorde is single. The Instagram star seems to focus on her career rather than getting into relationships. She is not married, engaged, or in a relationship.

Social Media Accounts

Ana Lorde has more than 6 million followers on her Instagram account. The model made her Instagram account public on the 12th of July in the year 2016. She has more than 600 posts on her Instagram account. Each of her posts contains a very unique caption that attracts people more to her.

Moreover, the social media star owns millions of followers on her Tik Tok account. Ana Lorde has an account on OnlyFans too which plays an important role in giving her fame. Her OnlyFans account has gained a lot of attention from people due to her unique seductive videos on the account.

Facts About Ana Lorde


•Ana Lorde is an animal lover.
•Ana owns a pet dog.
•She likes Mexican and Spanish food.
•The model has millions of followers on her social media accounts.
•She has a career as an adult star too.
•Ana Lorde has gained a lot of popularity because of her seductive posts.
•From her posts, it can be seen that she is an adventurous person.

Quick Biography

Full Name

Ana Lorde


33 years old ( Turns 34 in 2024)


15th July 1988

Zodiac Sign





Model, Instagram star, adult star



Relationship Status


Net Worth

More than 4M USD

Hair color


Eye Color

Hazel brown



Who is Ana Lorde?

Ana Lorde is an American Fashion model, Instagram, and Tik Tok star.

When was Ana Lorde born?

Ana Lorde was born on the 15th of July, 1988.

Is Ana Lorde in a relationship?

No, Ana Lorde is currently single.

Does Ana Lorde own an account on OnlyFans?

Yes, Ana Lorde owns an account on OnlyFans with millions of followers.

How many followers does Ana have on her Instagram?

Ana has more than 6 million followers on her Instagram.

Final words

Many people inspire us to look good, be ourselves, and make ourselves happy. Similarly, Ana Lorde is one of the social media bloggers who attracted many people to her because of her passion for modeling and fashion. The model has gone through breast surgeries to make her body look more attractive.

Many people are inspired by her looks, her fashion sense, and her posts on social media accounts. Her seductive pictures and videos have played a prominent role in her success. After facing hurdles on her way, Ana Lorde is now a well-known Fashion model, Instagram, and Tik Tok star. Moreover, Ana Lorde not disclosing anything about her personal life shows that many celebrities do not mix their personal life with their professional life. They keep their personal life way farther from social media.

Hopefully, we helped you enough in knowing more about Ana Lorde.