Yoki Sturrup Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Nationality, Biography

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Are you a fan of YokGnag Hog Hunts organized by Yoki Sturrup? Yoki Sturrup has a huge number of fans following her on youtube and Instagram. She is one of those few social influencers who have made a big impact in a very short time. If you are interested to know about her, this post is for you. After gathering information from various sources we have composed this covering Yoki Sturrup’s age, birthday, Wikipedia, nationality, and biography.

According to search data from Funfactoday, facts about popular and famous people like Yoki Sturrup are one of the most searched information on the internet. This is due to obvious reasons; fame. It gets more interesting when the famous individual is as hot as Yoki Sturrup, everybody would want to know more about them. It is the reason we have this complete biography page about her and her net worth.

  • Name: Yoki Sturrup
  • Nationality: USA
  • Profession: Youtuber, Huntress
  • Age (as of June 2024): Unknown
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Net Worth: Over 1 million USD

Who Is Yoki Sturrup?

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Yoki Sturrup is an American YouTuber, huntress, and social influencer. Yoki posts interesting content on her self-owned youtube channel Yoki-Sturrup. She created her youtube channel back in 2024 and now she is one of the most famous content creators. What makes her more popular among the masses is the variety of ideas that she brings to her videos.

Her fashion blogs, recommendations videos, reviews, funny challenges, hunting videos, and short videos are loved by her viewers. Yoki Sturrup is also active on various other social platforms like Instagram. She posts a variety of content, fun videos, and pictures on her social media handles.

Yoki Sturrup Biography

Yoki Sturrup was born and brought up in the USA. It is not confirmed if Yoki Sturrup is her real name or if she has chosen it for social media. She comes from a middle-class family and was raised by her parents along with her siblings. When it comes to her personal life and family, Yoki loves to keep things private.

She hasn’t revealed anything about her parent’s profession, siblings, and family background. She is of mixed ethnicity and has black hair and black eyes. Yoki attended a local Elementary school and got her Bachelor’s degree from a local University. She is currently living in Miami Florida with her husband.

Yoki Sturrup Age And Date Of Birth

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Yoki Sturrup never celebrated her birthday publicly and she never shared her exact date and year of birth. However, from her physical appearance and interest, it seems that she is in her late 20s. She celebrates her birthday with her close friends and family members every year but she loves to keep her personal life away from the sight of the media.

Yoki Sturrup Husband, Family

Yoki Sturrup never talked about her parents and siblings and she lives with her husband in Florida. The real name of her husband is unknown but she calls her husband Dee. Her husband helps her create content for her youtube channel. He films and edits her youtube and Instagram videos. The profession of her husband is unknown.

Yoki Sturrup Weight And Height

Yoki Sturrup weighs around 68 kgs as revealed in her recent vlog. Her height is 5 ft 9 inches. Yoki has an amazing body and captivating looks. Her attention-grabbing persona has helped her earn a huge fan following through her screen appearances.

Yopki Sturrup Youtube

Yoki Sturrup created a youtube channel “Yoiki Sturrup” on February 12, 2024. As of now, she has around 426k subscribers to her youtube channel. In her 18-month youtube career, she has posted around 220 videos. These videos include daily vlogs, lifestyle videos, fashion vlogs, travel vlogs, product reviews, recommendations, hunt challenges, and hunting videos.

Also, her fitness vlogs, skincare tips, and personal hygiene tips are loved by her viewers. Another exciting part of her personality is that she is a huntress. Since she is from Dade county, hunting is her passion. She is a huge fan of off-roading vehicles and guns and most of the time she is seen reviewing off-reading cars, SUVs, and guns. She is an action-packed lady and is famous as “guntuber” among her followers.

Her off-roading adventures and reviews of the SUVs make her exceptionally popular among adventure enthusiasts. Many videos on her channel have crossed a million views. Her most famous video of all time is “Skinning and Quartering Wild Boar Catch”. She posted this video on 1 September 2024 and the video has around 1.6 million views and got 2.1k likes.

Yoki Sturrup Instagram And Tik Tok

Along with Youtube, Yoki has a huge fan following on Instagram and TikTok. She posts lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and adventure content through her various social media handles. She has thousands of followers on Instagram and is seen promoting various products through her account. Since video making is her passion she is also active on Tik Tok and posts multiple short videos every month.

Yoki Sturiup Net Worth

The total worst of the Yoki Stuurn assets is around 1 million USD. Her per day income through her youtube channel is around $800. She earns $108,409 every month through her youtube channel. Also, she is seen advertising various products on her youtube channels and earns a handsome amount through this source. She owns Ram Rebel and Hellcat and prefers a luxurious lifestyle.


  • Yoki Sturrup has a huge collection of guns-she loves hunting.
  • Yoki Sturup is a non-vegetarian.
  • Yoki Sturup loves traveling and exploring new places.
  • Her favorite destination is London.
  • Yoki Sturrup is a pet lover.
  • Yoki Sturrup owns Hellcat.
  • Youki Sturup is the creator of the YokGang Hog Hunt Challenge.


Is Yoki Stirrup Married?

Yes, Yoki Stroup is married. She lives in Miami Florida with her husband. Her husband is the cameraman and editor of her youtube videos.

How old is Yoki Sturrup?

Yoki Sturrup’s exact age is not known. From her interests and physical appearance, it seems that she is in her late 20s or early 30s.

What is the Zodiac sign of Yoki Sturrup?

Yoki never celebrated her birthday publicly. Since her date of birth is unknown we can’t say anything about her zodiac sign.

How tall is Yoki Sturrup?

Yoki Sturup is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Final Words

Yoki Sturrup is an action-packed lady who never creates repetitive and boring content for her channel. She always comes up with something new and her followers love her for that. Since she loves discretion and privacy in family life, we don’t know much about her family background, parents, and siblings.