7 Fashion Rules For Wearing Skull Pendants 

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Jewelry trends keep changing, but trends like skull jewelry have remained in fashion for many years. Skull jewelry be it rings, pendants or bracelets is always trending. And these spooky jewels are being adopted by commoners and are no longer restricted to only celebrities.

Whenever someone mentions a skull that is shaped like a jewel, it creates an image that is ugly or gross. However, that is far from the truth. These pieces are elegant, bold and have a lot of symbolic value.

Why Skull Jewelry Has Been Ruling The Fashion Industry For So Long

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People Love To Follow Their Favorite Celebrities

The first people to sport the bold skull jewelry were rock stars and professional wrestlers. These stars have a huge fan following. Most of their fans want to imitate every aspect of their style, be it their clothes, their hairstyles, makeup or their accessories.


Any accessory remains in trend if it is durable. People do not like rings or pendants that lose their shine or paint over time.


Most people tend to think that skull jewelry just has a skull, and there is very little scope for improving the design. However, the designs can be quite versatile. The skulls can be covered in masks, helmets etc. Moreover, they are not just made of metallic silver. They can be made of gold or platinum as well. They can be stone studded, and diamond studded designs can be as beautiful and elegant as any other jewelry piece.

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7 Fashion Tips To Ace The Look With Skull Pendants

1. Not Overdoing It

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The first rule of any fashion trend is to not overdo it, as it spoils the entire charm. So, if a person is wearing a skull pendant, he should avoid wearing skull jewelry elsewhere in his body. Hence, the ear or wrists can have simple stone studs or metallic rings but not something that has skulls attached or imprinted on them.

2. Ways To Wear The Pendant

There are many ways to wear a pendant. A metallic chain or a choker are great ways to display a pendant. However, the length of the chain should be taken care of, and the choker should not be too broad for a person with a small neck. Apart from chains and chokers, leather bands or leather chains are also a good way to wear these designs.

3. Textiles And Outfits That Go With Them

Apart from the textiles, the kind of outfit is also important. Dark-themed bold pieces go well with corsets, stockings, long-hand gloves and hats, and black mens and womens sunglasses.

Specific textile types suit specific jewels better than others. For instance, silks and velvets are a great fit for precious stones and diamonds. Likewise, for dark-themed accessories, it is a good idea to pair them with leather or nets. Most people go with leather jackets, but if someone is feeling more adventurous, they can go with leather pants if they are comfortable wearing them for many hours.

Apart from the textiles, the kind of outfit is also important. Dark-themed bold pieces go well with corsets, stockings, long-hand gloves and hats. The combination of dark corsets or net gloves with a skull pendant that is fitted onto a black choker is a perfect look for a Halloween party.

4. Colors That Go With The Designs

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Dark-themed and bold designs go well with dark colors. Hence, it is a good idea to wear them in shades of brown, black or burgundy. Bright springtime or summertime colors like light blue, mustard yellow or whites are better avoided altogether.

5. Accessories That Increase The Appeal

Go for simple rings like signet- after all, you can easily find unique-looking signet rings for sale anywhere, even online. For instance, pencil heels or pump shoes are a great combination if someone is attending a musical. Likewise, a gothic or dark-themed party should have guests who wear the appropriate accessories. Knee-length boots for girls and funky earrings can complete the look. There are cool costume earrings that are shaped like daggers, knives etc., that can go well with skull pendants.

6. Tattoos And Piercing

Tattoos are excruciatingly painful to get as the ink is deposited under the skin using a needle. Likewise, piercings are painful, and some spots like the eyebrows, the tongue or navel are highly sensitive to pain. Although many people shun away from painful fashion trends like tattoos and multiple piercings, there are bold people who love getting them done.

If the tattoo‘s design is dark themed like a serpent or a dagger, or if the piercing is on the tongue, on eyebrows etc., they can complement a skull pendant.

7. Hairstyles And Makeup

Long, wavy or soft curls are not suitable for dark-themed jewels like skull pendants and rings. Hence, it is advisable that people go for short cropped hair; some people also spot a slightly clean-shaven area, and the rest of the head is covered with normal hair.

Hair color is another thing that has a crucial impact on the way in which a person looks. Dyeing the hair with wild colors like purple, green or blue are courageous and bold style move. If someone wishes to color their hair green or blue, they have to first bleach their natural hair color. At times people leave their hair as it is after the initial bleaching. Such completely bleached hair also has its own appeal and has been spotted by many famous celebrities.

The makeup is mainly done in the eye area, and dark smokey eyeshadow that mixes shades of maroon, brown and black look gorgeous. Dark red lipstick and long eyelashes are eye-catching elements and can be experimented with.

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Skulls and other dark-themed jewelry are not going to go out of fashion anytime soon. In fact, if one is a fashion enthusiast and he has a bucket list of items he wishes to have, a skull pendant is a must-try. Also, there are many reasons to wear these pendants apart from just blindly following a trend or a celebrity. Some cultures believe these to be good luck charms others feel that they are a true reflection of their personality. Whatever the reason, it is a cool idea to own one of them.