Daisy Drew – Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

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Daisy Drew is an eminent Scottish model and emerging social media star. She is famous for posting bold and alluring shots and short reels on her Instagram. Daisy drew millions of fans with her imaginative thoughts and quality substance.

At the age of 18, this gorgeous influencer started her career as an international Young Professionals. Since then, she has been associated with the biggest names in fashion including Marc Jacobs and Givenchy. She has also been featured by globally famous magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

But this was not enough for her. She wanted to do something different that could take her into the limelight. Seeing her passion for doing something big, her brother Sean advised her to join OnlyFans to pursue her career in modeling. Now, she has become the most loved OnlyFans model.

She also runs her own Youtube channel with the name of Itsmedaisydrew. Her aim in starting a Youtube channel was to earn a handsome amount of money to help her parents to pay their home loans. Furthermore, we will discuss more about her career and social media life next in this biography.

Early Life

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She came into this world on November 1, 1999, in Glasgow, the most populous city in Scotland. She was raised by her parents in Glasgow. If we talk about her qualifications, there is not much information available about her education and instructive abilities.

According to some sources, she started her degree in science and thought analysis at Florida International University, Miami. But after engaging in her studies, she faced some financial issues. She has been creating looks for herself since she was 16 years old.

Daisy loved to play around with different colors, textures, and techniques to create something unique and memorable. So, she decided to take advantage of social media to earn her living and continue her passion for modeling. She has a brother named Sean Austin who’s also an Onlyfan model.

Onlyfans Modeling

24 years old Daisy and her 29 years old brother Sean Austin shoot each other’s racy content to sell on OnlyFans.This brother-sister duo earns a huge income on OnlyFans to support their parents. It even helped them to pay the rent of the home.

They claimed to have made over £2 million from their content and now they are living in a luxurious apartment in London. She joined this platform early in 2020. In March 2024, she told her fans about her career choice, who enthusiastically supported her.

Support of Daisy’s Kin and Folks

Initially, she was hesitant to tell her parents about her source of income from an adult site. However, when she told her, they were happy and considered it a blessing and gave her permission to keep making content as long as she stayed safe.

“He’s a typical Glaswegian mаn, he loves football and is a man’s man, so you’d think he’d be аshаmed, but when I told him аbout OnlyFаns, it wаs а different story,” talking of her fаther, аdding, “The main thing is that me and my brother аre sаfe аnd hаppy, and that’s all our parents care аbout – аnd all any pаrents should cаre аbout.”

Talking about support from her brother she said, “He’s а perfectionist аnd аlwаys tells it like it is – I’ll show him content аnd he’ll tell me if it’s not good. He is the best for tаking content with becаuse he keeps me grounded аnd tells me the truth, аnd I trust him more than most people”. Furthermore, talking about her field she added, “When you’ve been in the industry long enough, nothing is embarrassing anymore”.

Social Media and Youtube Career

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In June 2024, Daisy made an appearance on all social media platforms. Preferably, she got a lot of fame from her Instagram account entitled username @daisydrew. Currently, she has 360K admirers with 56 pictures and short reels.

She is also very active on her Tiktok where she is famous for posting videos with funny and fun-filled captions. She is basically famous for spoofing video cuts, moving accounts, and performing lip coordinates on TikTok. Her username is @dasiyy.drew. She has gathered 865.6K followers on her Tik Tok feed with 10.6M likes on all videos.

After getting a lot of fame, she decided to make her Youtube channel on January 2, 2024. Until now she has uploaded 17 humorous and cheerful 17 videos. All these videos got huge responses from the audience. This shows that she can be a bright Youtuber in the future. Until now, she has got 25.4K subscribers.

Height and Weight

Resembling like a doll, Daisy has a slim figure. She is five feet and four inches tall. She is a fitness freak and takes good care of her body and diet. The talented star weighs about 52 kg. Her body measurements are 32-24-34. She has silky brown hair. While her magnificent blue eyes make her incredibly appealing.

Net Worth

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Her major source of income is modeling, brand promotions, and business endeavors. She also earns a handsome amount of money from OnlyFans. A rough estimate suggests that her net worth is 400k-700k USD Approx. As she is dedicated to making her career. Her worth will definitely increase in the future.

Age and Birthday

Being born in 1999, she is currently 23 years old. Her natal day is November 1. She loves to celebrate her big day with her parents and siblings every year. Furthermore, her zodiac sign is Scorpio.


Daisy is an active swimmer and gymnast. Secondly, she is also a Yoga practitioner. Above all, she is a huge Halophile. Until now, she has traveled to many countries including Russia, Italy, London, and Paris. London is her favorite holiday destination.

Like most of the girls, her favorite color is pink other than green. Additionally, she loves to watch movies in her free time. Daisy is a huge fan of Tom Hardy and Jenifer Lawrence. In sports, she is a big admirer of Simone Arianne Biles -an American artistic gymnast.


•Daisy Drew is a Scottish model and emerging social media star.

•She has been featured on Forbes and Huffington Post.

•She and brother Sean shoot saucy content for OnlyFans.

•She also owns a Youtube channel where she uploads workout videos and travel vlogs.

•She is Halophile and her favorite travel destination is London.

•She has been associated with the biggest names in fashion including Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.

•She has also been featured by globally famous magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.


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How much do Daisy and her brother earn through OnlyFans?

They claimed to have made over £2 million from their content on OnlyFans.

What kind of content does she upload on her youtube channel?

Since January 2024, she has uploaded videos on workouts, traveling vlogs, and reaction videos.

What are her major achievements?

She has been associated with the biggest names in fashion including Marc Jacobs and Givenchy and has also been featured by globally famous magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.


Daisy Drew’s talent guarantees to keep us entertained for a long time. Her popularity is growing, and she will most likely have additional features with other celebrities to provide you with more viewing options. Perhaps you should inform your friends about Daisy Drew so they can see her abilities as well.