Panic to Plan: How to Prepare for an Emergency Move in No Time


Are you preparing for an emergency move and therefore stressing and panicking to plan? Moving includes a culmination of tiny details and generally requires a month to sort things well. However, when it comes to an emergency move, you can turn into a mush, and the situation can get overwhelming easily.

While you can always contact professional moving services like New York City movers for guided assistance, the initial planning stages are crucial for an emergency. From preparing checklists to differentiating between your items, various responsibilities will fall upon your shoulders. So therefore, take a deep breath and stick to the end of the article to understand how to prepare for an emergency move in no time.

1.Thinking Outside Packing


When we talk about moving, the first thing that usually comes to mind is your decluttering abode and packing boxes, but before you get down to business, take care of the items outside the boxes.

If you have kids enrolled in educational institutions, inform the authorities about your condition. Search for other options for your wards if they have to give their midterms or if other complications might occur if they move with you. Next, think about utility supplies and medical records. Also, you must ensure you have good stock of utilities to use when you move into your new home.

2.Meticulous Planning

Packing is a strenuous task; therefore, the less you have to pack, the easier it is to get the work done. Go through your house and collect the items you will no longer need. It is better to separate them further into donating, recycling, or throwing them away. While there is always a strong urge to pack everything while moving because of the sentiments attached, it is best to eliminate items you no longer need.

Ensure you have all your packing supplies in hand. You can create a packing station containing essentials like boxes, packing tapes, scissors, packing paper, old towels and blankets, bubble wraps, color-coded stickers, and plastic bags. Searching for them individually can be time-consuming; therefore, building a packing station will be extremely convenient and effective.

Build a small duffel bag that will carry all the essentials you require during the move. This emergency bag will help you organize essentials like medications, toiletries, important documents, and a pair of clothes that are likely to get misplaced during the moving chaos. You can also prepare a folder that will carry important documents like moving contacts and purchase paper that is likely to get lost in such situations.

3.Getting Down To Packing


When planning for an emergency move, packing everything requires some quick, effective tips like the following

  1. Avoid going for certain themes in boxes. You might have to put glass water bottles with board games or spare bulbs; ensure you can relocate all the items intact from your previous house to your new destination.
  2. For items that are fragile to carry, keep the things secured in bubble wrap or within old blankets and towels. These precautions should be taken, especially for glassware and vases. It would be best if you labeled the boxes as “fragile” or “to be handled with care” for precaution and safety.
  3. Do not clutter your packing area. Keeping several boxes can hinder your working space. Place an open container in the area, fill it up with the items, tape it securely, label the box if required, and move it out of the way. Repeat the process till everything is packed.
  4. Worrying about moving clothes can be tiring, but did you know you can easily move clothes without breaking a sweat? You can move the drawers containing the clothes, making it more convenient on your side. You can use your sturdy trash bags and suitcases to pack shoes and clothes.

4.Professional Assistance Or Not

Do not hesitate to ask for professional assistance. An emergency move will require you to seek help from professional assistance from a professional moving service.

If you are wondering what you should look in a quality mover, then here is a quick checklist

    1. Firstly, you should receive an inventory estimate for your moving service after thoroughly searching your belongings and estimating the bulk.
    2. Ensure your movers are licensed. If you are moving over the state, there are certain requirements that you should take care of.
    3. Check whether your movers are performing a thorough walk-through.
    4. Deposition of a large sum is strictly prohibited. If you come across companies asking for a large security deposit, it is best to stay away or pay through a credit card if any fraudulent activities occur.
    5. Check the clients’ reviews on their websites. You can even contact some customers to understand their experience with the company.
    6. Read the contract/ document before signing to ensure no hidden charges can be later added to your bill.

While hiring professional moving companies is the preferred choice, it might not be the first choice for several residents out there. If you are planning an emergency move without professional moving services, here are some additional factors you should keep in mind.

Book the right truck to ensure most of your packing boxes are transported in the least amount of trips. You can read the sizing guides of the truck to ensure you are renting the right truck size for your equipment. It is best in these circumstances to adopt a color coding system for prioritizing the boxes. Move valuables from the house, and then you can later sort through items that are not that important.

Bottom Line

The key to avoid panicking while moving is to check off the to-do-list one at a time. You can choose one room and pack the things before moving to the new room. You do not have to sweat over having perfectly matched boxes; a mish-mash of items is also good to go. Use suitcases, boxes, linens, and clothes available at home for packing things. There is no sugar coating in saying that planning an emergency move is generally a race against time; but hopefully, the above-mentioned moving tips will be able to come to your assistance.