Mbappé’s Destiny After the World Cup


Mbappé was only 18 years old when he started on France’s national football team. An intrepid striker, it wasn’t long before he led the team to victory. Already a household name across Europe, his performance at the 2018 World Cup brought him international recognition and earned him the moniker of “The New Messi.”

The end of the 2024 World Cup has many sports fans wondering what comes next for this incredible athlete. Here’s an outlook on Mbappé’s destiny after the World Cup.

Why Is Mbappé Such a Big Deal?


Whether you’re someone who has a passion for soccer or just loves to do some live betting on exciting sports events, Mbappé has been the one to watch in the past year. For those new to the world of football, a few contributing factors make him a fan (and betting) favorite.

Kylian Mbappé is incredibly fast on his feet, reaching speeds of up to 36 km/h (22.4 mph) in a sprint. He’s considered the fastest runner in Ligue 1, though he was outpaced in Qatar. However, it’s not just the speed but his accuracy without sacrificing agility.

When it comes to placing the ball — be it in the net or a seemingly impossible pass — there’s no one like Mbappé. His technical skills are otherworldly, and his clinical finishing seems to defy physics.

Mbappé led France to victory at the 2018 world cup at just 19 years old. In other words, he’s not only got incredible talent but is also at the very beginning of what promises to be a long career.

Mbappé’s Origin Story


Kylian Mbappé Lottin was born on December 20, 1998, in Paris, France, to Wilfried Mbappé and Fayza Lamari. His father, Wilfried, is from Cameroon, and his mother, Fayza, is Algerian. Mbappé began playing soccer at a very young age and joined the youth academy at AS Bondy, a local club near his hometown.

As he progressed through the youth ranks at AS Bondy, Mbappé began to draw the attention of some of the biggest clubs in France. In 2013, he joined the youth academy at Monaco, and it was there that he really began to develop as a player.

Mbappé made his professional debut for Monaco in 2015, at just 16 years old. He quickly established himself as one of the most promising young players in the world, and in 2017, he helped lead Monaco to the Ligue 1 title.

After just one season with Monaco, Mbappé made a big-money move to Paris Saint-Germain, where he has continued to excel on the pitch. He has won numerous awards, including the Ligue 1 Player of the Year award, and helped lead PSG to multiple domestic titles.

In addition to his club career, Mbappé has also had a successful international career, representing France at the youth and senior levels. As mentioned, he played a key role in France’s 2018 World Cup triumph and has since become one of the team’s most important players.

Mbappé’s Performance at the 2024 World Cup


Mbappé led his team to the final in the 2024 World Cup but couldn’t clinch it against Messi and Argentina. However, his placement certainly doesn’t indicate a failure. In a nail-biter of a game, Argentina and France tied 3-3. However, Argentina took the Cup 4-2 in penalties.

Despite not taking the Cup home for France, Mbappé certainly didn’t go home empty-handed. With a fantastic hat trick during the final game, Mbappé claimed the prestigious Golden Boot for the most goals— and a bright outlook for the future. For context, Messi scored the second most goals in the World Cup, followed by Julian Alvarez and Olivier Giroud.

What’s Next for Mbappé?

Perhaps the quality that sets Mbappé apart from other players is his tenacity and composure under pressure. Despite his youth, Mbappé knows how to conduct himself in the public arena. He’s mature, dedicated, and humble — a winning combination for a long and promising career.

There’s been significant controversy over the past year about Mbappé leaving Paris Saint-Germain, despite signing a huge contract last year. Mbappé has quashed those claims, saying he’s quite happy to be with PSG. However, he also hinted that his plans for the future remain open beyond focusing on the 2024 World Cup.

Sports lovers have been speculating for some time that Mbappé might put on the white jersey and join Real Madrid. It will be no real surprise if this announcement comes following the afterglow of the World Cup. As for now, it’s all speculation.

Who Can Afford Mbappé?


Mbappé’s salary is estimated by Forbes at $128 million for the 2024 season. While Real Madrid can afford the all-star, some news outlets question whether they’ll actively pursue him after the rejection earlier in the season. Realistically, however, pride only goes so far when so much is at stake. Rumor has it that Real Madrid is ready to sign a billion Euro deal if it comes to it.

With that salary in mind, who else even has a shot at competing for Mbappé’s attention? There’s been talk of transferring to Liverpool, but PSG has disputed those claims. Much of the speculation about Liverpool took place in conjunction with rumors about Mbappé’s unrest with PSG earlier in the season.

Manchester could also foot the bill, but the idea seems unlikely. Differences in playing styles and strengths in their existing play structure make a move seem superfluous at best.

The Next World Cup

2024 was rife with controversy. The ‘One Love’ armband ruling created frustration among players and activists around the world. Qatar’s decision to host a dry event with no alcohol available also caused a backlash among football fans. Finally, the climate in Qatar was described in Time magazine as “the threshold of survivability.”

The forthcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup is expected to be an exceptional event. For the first time in history, the Cup will be co-hosted by three countries: The United States, Canada, and Mexico. This change is controversial and revolutionary, posing an option for several neighboring countries to share the burden and the benefits. While travel will (hopefully) be fully recovered by 2026, this approach is expected to continue in the future. Three country bids have already started rolling in for 2030.

Another significant change with the future World Cups is the increase from 32 participating teams to 48. While many participants are excited about the chance for smaller countries to compete, others are worried that the addition will result in more one-sided games, with giants like Mbappé and France dominating the newcomers.

While Mbappé didn’t win the World Cup in 2024, his performance was legendary. Many believe Mbappé’s destiny goes hand-in-hand with Messi’s plans. While Messi hinted at a potential retirement after the 2024 Cup, his success seems to have sparked a renewed vigor for the international arena. He’s since revoked those claims and indicated that he plans on making an appearance in 2026.

What does that mean for Mbappé? A reason to keep pushing and put on a show. Will Mbappé still be wearing blue in 2026? That remains to be seen. The future is uncertain, but one thing remains true: Mbappé’s post-World Cup destiny will bring continued success.