How Do Metabolism Trackers Work – 2024 Guide

Learning more about your body is always great, especially for tracking the results after long periods of improvement. However, such tests can cause financial strains and might take lots of time to achieve a complete analysis.

While the tests were done in specifically indicated medical centers, there are now modern methods that let you get the testing by yourself. Such portable devices are making the whole tracking process easier, and are highly accurate which is why they are trusted by medical professionals.

In this article, we’ll talk about metabolism trackers and how they work. This should help in getting more information about your body, and timely adjusting your training and dietary plans. Keep reading and find out more.

What is this device

Portable metabolism trackers such as Lumen as the pioneering device, have brought science closer to the user. Such devices are analyzing the metabolites in the breath and draw conclusions about the current state of metabolism and results that are easy to interpret.

Simplistic and modern looks are what characterize the Lumen. It is tiny and has a cylindric shape with an opening at the top and a button that activates the device. However, the application is what makes this tracker amazing with lots of options and information you can quickly get your hands on.

How does the metabolism tracker work

Taking a sample is extremely easy by just breathing into the device, much like ethanol testing. However, the main component that is getting analyzed the carbon dioxide and the rate of your respiratory exchange which shows what is currently getting metabolized in your body.

Such technology was present in the past as well, but you needed to visit a medical facility, spend a couple of hours and spend north of three hundred dollars.

After that, all the results appear on the phone program, where there are specific instructions on how to improve the results.

For example, if you get a score of one or two, you are currently burning fat which indicates weight loss, and you should be getting this score as soon as you wake up. In case you get a score of three, it means both fats and carbohydrates are getting metabolized. Lastly, a score of four and five indicates carbohydrate burn which is usually shown after eating or before training to maintain energy levels.

When should you measure

Taking the measurements are the right time is highly important in tracking your metabolism and adjusting your practices on time.

The first measure should always be as soon as you wake up. During your sleep, you did not ingest anything which leaves you fasting. That is why you want your score to be one or two and show the fat loss during the night. In addition, this score is important to adjust your diet throughout the day.

Before and after training should be your next two measurements to be sure your body is ready for the intensity. Before training, you will see whether you need to take carbohydrates to have energy and train well. After the training, be sure to wait at least half an hour and understand the effects of the exercises on your body.

After eating is also a great time for testing. This shows how your body accepts the food you’ve taken and whether you need to change your diet. In addition, you might consider testing yourself if you are fasting throughout the day. That way, you’ll know the results and see how the metabolism was affected.

Benefits of using metabolism trackers

The main benefit of using the metabolism tracker is inducing flexibility in metabolic functioning by rotating between burning fat and carbohydrates. However, there are benefits that we will mention below, read more for additional information.

Losing weight

If you get your metabolism under control, the journey of losing weight will be significantly easier. That is the reason why lots of athletes and fitness enthusiasts are using trackers. You see what your body needs, and the results motivate you further to keep on pushing stronger. In addition, Lumen prepares individual diets that help along the process.

Preventing cravings

With the guidance of the metabolism tracker, you get your body to burn more fatty tissue which decreases the cravings for food. This helps in ingesting more empty calories which simply promotes your path of losing weight.

Increased energy

Your overall energy is dependent on the condition of your metabolism and what are the energy sources burned throughout the day. When you have quick results on your hand, and much-needed guidance, you can easily change your practices and maintain high energy levels throughout the day. This is especially important for those who are hitting the gym often. You do not want to go to your training feeling exhausted, in that situation you will not be gaining much with your gym session. One thing that could help you out and get you going are various supplements like those offered at

Health improvement

Metabolic conditions and diseases tend to be overlooked by many people. However, they are highly important and have a huge impact on overall health. With that, you will get to control your glucose levels which prevent obesity, as well as diabetes.

What to do if the results are not brilliant

If you get consecutive bad results, you don’t need to worry. Although you’ll receive guidance through the application on how to improve, you must know about the factors that might affect your score.

Be sure you are well-rested before you analyze your breath. Certain activities throughout the house might not seem demanding but can affect your results. Rest for a couple of minutes and only then proceed to test.

Stressful situations are common in everyone’s life and can be another reason for results you don’t want to see. Cortisol affects the functionality of our metabolism which results in instant usage of carbohydrates. For that reason, try to relax and lower the intensity of your training.

How flexible your metabolism is, might be another reason why your results are not coming out the way you anticipated. This is getting corrected through the individual dieting plans covered by the application.

Lastly, be sure you get enough sleep throughout the night since that is another reason why stress hormones get activated and affect your metabolic state.


While these devices cost around three hundred dollars, they are surely a great pick for anyone who can afford them. On top of the device costs, there is added subscription depending on the features and length you prefer.

How well metabolic trackers work is already clear when they are used by professionals and medical practitioners. The benefits these devices offer are amazing and are a great way to stabilize your metabolism and reach your goals faster.