Is Your Landing Page Getting You Enough Qualified Leads?


No matter what your job is, nowadays with help of the internet, everyone needs a landing page so that your promotional offer looks exactly the way it should. There is a misconception that the home page is the most important item in this field, but this is not true. The landing page is very important on your browser, and if you’re wondering why, we will explain in the rest of the text, starting with what a landing page really is.

The landing page is the first page of the site that a visitor opens when coming to the site. It depends on what you are searching for. If, for example, someone is searching for a specific trip, your goal would be that your page is among the first-ranked sites in the search for the trips. But how do you stand out in the pile of competition that is present in this chapter?

Therefore, your page must look just the way it should, with all the necessary information at your fingertips, if that is the case, people will find everything they need on it and it will be used more than all the others, thus increasing the rating for the landing page. This is crucial because people have more options and if they do not get specific information right away, they continue their search, by leaving your page behind.

How do you know if your landing page has enough qualified visitors/customers?


To create a great landing page with all the necessary information, it is important to know the basic facts that depend on how your site will look and whether it will satisfy the needs of visitors. So here are some tips on what your landing page should have:

  1. For the start, you should not post high-resolution photos, because this slows down the site’s functions, speed, visibility, etc. But again, photos have to be professional, because that’s always the first contact between your product and potential customer;
  1. It is important to adapt the site for visibility on a mobile phone since more than 90% of people is using their phone while searching for any information online;
  1. Never post videos that take up too much memory, the same thing as with photos;
  1. It is necessary to be simple, clear and concrete in the content of the services you provide.

Unfortunately, according to research, about 80% of website visitors do not convert into customers. We cannot say with certainty what and who is a qualified customer. Before we determine a qualified buyer, it is necessary to know the 3 basic stages through which all qualified buyers must be carried out. It is necessary to create a good enough supply of quality leads to increase the chances of potential customers being real ones, paying for services, and increasing the customer base. One of the basic things that lead to business development is access to quality potential clients. But how do you know which potential customer is qualified for your site?
Not all potential clients have the same value. They also don’t even have the same qualification. You can’t put all visitors under the same qualification are you? It will always be distinguished in something. Based on how they were qualified and what stage of the life cycle they are in, there are several different types of leads:

1. Information Qualified Lead (IQL)

A potential client who offers his contact information in exchange for useful information may be classified as an information-qualified lead. Here is visitor in the initial phase. He doesn’t know exactly what your site has to offer, nor what your business specifications are. He offers only basic information, as interesting until he gets into the nitty-gritty of your service.

2. Marketing Qualified Client (MQL)


It is a potential client who is more and more interested in your services, moving to the next step. So, with this level, the chance of a potential visitor becoming a customer increases.

3. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)


If you have passed the previous two steps, we reach the sales qualified lead, which means that you have reached an important customer who is on the verge of becoming your loyal customer, so that your offer meets his needs and he trusts you, leaves his data and is ready to trade.

To distinguish customers and their wishes, and thus improve your landing page, you can find all the important information on the following website:

Statistics show that 44% of searchers refer to the home page, which is a great satisfaction for taking the initiative to create a landing page. But if that’s the case, why don’t most companies have a landing page? Well, there is a myth that they are difficult to open, develop and retain, but that is not true. As we have listed above all the factors that influence a successful website, there are also some other little things that you should pay attention to.

It is necessary that when creating the landing page, we set the possibility that the potential client has more options to access the site during the search, and this means that your site will also be displayed on, say, social networks. There are certain risks, it’s true, let’s say most people are skeptical about leaving their sensitive data such as their credit cards, ID numbers, passwords, etc.


With that, you should pay attention to the fact that during the trade, the potential buyer has the option where he can pay for the services in cash on delivery, for you as the owner of the site there is an increased risk, but it is certainly a better option than not having any sales at all. It means that there are more possibilities, people are more flexible in shopping and are not limited by some rules or strictness. In addition to all that, it is recommended to set a button through which clients will get in personal contact with you, by clicking on the button call now, send a message, or send an email, so people are safer and trust you.

This skepticism among people appears more and more, for the reason that most of the sites are fake, and deal with fraud and it is completely logical that before any purchase you have to make sure that everything is legal, so you as the owner of the site gain trust, and the potential buyer very easily becomes a real and safe customer.

Therefore, we can safely say that generating potential customers is very important, so that your efforts and work on the site, which aims to satisfy as many clients as possible, will be maximally successful. Generating potential customers is the process of attracting and converting visitors into interesting ones who are ready to leave their money right on your site. So, you think that you have invested a lot of effort to make your site look fantastic, but how to present all that effort for sale? Surely it is the landing page, is a key tool for your success.