Casino Guide: Things You Need to Know About Online Jackpot Slots


Online casinos can provide various fun and easy gaming options many bettors can enjoy. Moreover, the advancement in the experience of playing in online casinos has created creative ways for people to enjoy convenience and excitement wherever their comfort is. Of course, the goal of achieving real-money winnings has always been the driving force for players to dwell further in the world of online gambling through existing and advanced-made classic casino games.

Jackpot slot, in particular, is still one of the most popular casino games today. With its incredible, yet simple gaming mechanics, many bettors could enjoy reasonable to higher payouts. Whether you already have or still don’t have an experience with online jackpot slots, navigating it is easier and quicker with the basic know-how of the game.

Getting ready to bring in the jackpot? Find no other guides. Here are the things you need to know about online jackpot slots.

Types of Jackpot Slots


Jackpot slots can vary in numerous factors, including the design, features, theme, paylines, jackpots, winning mechanics, and methods. There are two types of jackpot slots, fixed and progressive.

Regular jackpot slots provide fixed jackpots players can win through online slot games. On the other hand, progressive jackpot slots allow the generation of larger jackpots, equating to bigger winnings. Let’s understand more about how these two jackpot slots work.

Fixed Jackpot Slot

Fixed jackpot slots, also known as regular slots or non-progressive jackpots, are a common type of online jackpot. As the name indicates, these jackpot slots provide players with fixed winnings. This means that no matter how often you play the game, you’ll get the same win if successful. Simply put, the possible winnings will not depend on the amount bet by players. Instead, the fixed prize is predetermined.

How to play the game? All you have to do is determine and get its triggering features, including the winning line. Winning lines are simply getting similar and matching symbols in a line. This type of online jackpot slot can be a smart choice if you want to lessen the possibility of losses, given that what you’ll aim for has a consistent jackpot amount available.

Progressive Jackpot Slot


If you want to experience higher winnings and more challenging games at online casinos, progressive jackpot slots can also be an excellent choice. Unlike fixed jackpot slots, progressive jackpot slots collect wagers from players. If the player loses the games, the wager will be added to the sum amount of the winning prize. Therefore, the winnings will continue to grow while waiting for the next jackpot winner.

If successful and lucky enough to win while the winning is at its peak, you’ll be bringing home a greater amount in your pocket. The prize pool will have to reset and recollect wagers again. Depending on the online casino, progressive jackpot slots may also be labeled accordingly.

These labels can include: Mini Jackpot, the smallest jackpot offered; Minor Jackpot, the second common award one can get, often ranges from a hundred to thousand dollars; while the Major, Grand, and Super Jackpots can provide a greater and maximum winning amount for the players, even possibly reaching millions.

Now that you already know the different types of online jackpot slots, it would help if you knew that there are numerous different online jackpots real money games you can try online. Online casinos commonly provide varying options, providing great rewards you can enjoy.

How to Win?


Understanding different factors allow higher possibilities for players to win various jackpot games online. Online jackpot slots rely on luck to win the games, so understanding the basics will allow a smooth experience. Factors to look at that can help you win include the following:

  • Return-to-Player Percentage. RTPs refers to the return a player will get for every amount deposited. Higher RTPs can indicate bigger returns over time. Try choosing online jackpots with 95% RTP or more.
  • Jackpot slot volatility allows players to identify the probability of a particular jackpot slot game hitting a winning trigger or combination. The volatility can either be high or low.

Higher volatility indicates higher prizes but with a lower frequency of wins. This means that patience and enough time are needed to win a bigger payout successfully. On the other hand, lower volatility can mean lower payout, but players have higher chances and are more likely to win the game.

  • Check Pay Tables. Different jackpot slots can have different win triggers, combinations, paylines, or payouts. Checking the pay table will give you an overview and better understanding of how the game works with the list of how much you’ll win in every particular symbol combination and match.

Frequently asked questions for online jackpot slots are commonly related to the possibility of knowing combinations and identifying the perfect timing to hitting a winning trigger. However, these machines, including online casinos, follow regulations that help ensure that the entire result is random. This is possible as casinos use advanced technology generators to come up with random spin results.


It is undeniable that jackpot slots are one of the easiest games to play online. Of course, in whatever game, enough knowledge about the basics can increase your chances of winning. With numerous jackpots available online, finding the right game for you has become easier. What’s left for you is to hit the spin and pray to bring out the jackpot wins!