How Can You Tell if a Slot Machine is Progressive?


Stepping into a casino is something that triggers adrenaline in people, especially in those who are experienced gamblers. Most people who participate in this sort of activity are not in it for the money, but the excitement and uncertainty. According to many psychologists, this is why this activity can become so addictive if you are not careful.

Naturally, players cannot enjoy all the games out there. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to choosing the one he or she will enjoy the most. The choice for a vast majority of them is certainly slot machines. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case. The most prominent one is that it doesn’t require any effort to learn how to play it.

At the same time, if you understand the concept properly, then you know how beneficial slot machines can be for you. Thankfully, you can find these on numerous websites, like Today, we want to focus on the question of progressive slots and how to recognize them.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Basics

From all the studies and surveys we could gather, we could see that progressive slots have become a predominant choice for a vast majority of players. The most obvious indication of this fact is that they represent more than 70% of those you can find inside a top visa casino. Only five years ago, this percentage was only 30%.


When we say progressive, we are talking about progressive jackpots. At first, this concept might seem confusing to people who do not have any experience with it, but it is not that complex to understand properly. It’s because they can provide the person who wins it a massive payout, which doesn’t have to do much with the money initially invested.

As a result of that, you can expect to invest only $3 and end up with a winning prize that goes as far as $300,000. Naturally, you need to be extremely lucky to achieve something like this. Remember, slot machines are not poker or even blackjack, you cannot implement any sort of strategy to help you win.

Progressive vs. Fixed

To provide you with a better description of progressive jackpots, we want to make a comparison with fixed ones. When you take a look at different options when choosing one of these, you might see the advertisement which says that one game will limit you to invest a certain amount of money and have a limited bet per spin. Also, the prize money you can potentially get is a certain sum.

When you see this, you should know that you are witnessing a fixed jackpot. So, understanding the difference between these two is rather obvious. When you do not see any sort of advertisement like this, you can say that you are about to play a progressive jackpot slot. They are not too hard to come by.

Maximum Credits


One of the conditions for you to reach a jackpot in these slots is for you to play max credits. The algorithm inside these games calculates carefully how much money you have invested into it and, when you are about to receive a jackpot, the amount you will get will resemble the overall investment in the biggest capacity.

As you can see, the money you have invested makes all the difference. Those who wager a lot of money can expect to win a sum that will help them set up for early retirement. On the other side, those who do not bet a lot of money can expect to receive a healthy sum of money.

Imagine the situation when this is not regulated. Even those who play on the lowest possible bet could expect to get the highest possible prize. While this is technically possible, from practice we can see this is not something that happens, ever. At the same time, playing on a max bet can harm your budget severely if you are not lucky.

Win History

A common feature in some progressive slot machines such as a buffalo slot is a display of recent jackpot wins or the duration since the last win. This can be more than just an exciting tidbit. A prolonged period since the last jackpot indicates a potentially larger pot awaiting the lucky player. For instance, if a machine displays that the last win was six months ago, the accumulated amount might be significantly higher, making it a tantalizing choice for gamblers.

Game Features

Progressive slots often come packed with unique game features designed specifically to heighten your chances at the jackpot. Look out for special symbols or bonus rounds. For instance, hitting a particular combination of symbols might lead you to a mini-game that, if conquered, rewards you with the progressive jackpot.

Higher Minimum Bets

Remember, high rewards sometimes come at a price. Progressive slots can occasionally demand higher minimum bets compared to their non-progressive counterparts. This ensures that those wagering are eligible for the massive jackpot at stake. Before playing, always check the bet requirements to ensure you’re in the running for the top prize.

What are the Odds?

We all know that the house always wins. It is something that is set in stone when we are talking about this industry. However, those who are fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time can get a significant payout as a result. We are referring to something known as the return-to-player ratio.

RTP is a significant element that will tell you about what you can expect when participating in one of these. Don’t make the mistake of believing that a lot of people can get this possibility. As you can presume, the amount someone will get through a jackpot will be earned through thousands of other players losing.

When it comes to the odds of winning one of these, we’re going to be sincere and say that they are pretty low. It all revolves around how lucky you are at the moment. Theoretically, if, let’s say, 50k players are playing at the moment, the chances of getting this jackpot are 1/50,000.

Important Things to Know


For anyone to be successful in this concept, it is an absolute must to look for a specific type of progressive slot machine. At the same time, you need to take a look at the approach the house has undertaken when it comes to these. Probably the commonest approach is similar to a lottery.

What does this mean? Well, it means that no one needs to win it big at every single turn. Instead, there are moments when nobody wins it. When that happens, the amount will get significantly higher for the next time when players become eligible to win it. We believe this is the best approach.

Thankfully, both online and real casinos are transparent about these. Players just need to take a look at the “about us” page or talk with the person who is employed in the casino.


Recognizing progressive slot machines is not a complex thing to do. Here, we’ve provided you with a couple of tips to understand it better.