Wondering Which Alcoholic Drinks Are Vegan? 3 Things To Know

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If you’re vegan and have a thirst for a drink, then you might be wondering which alcoholic beverages are actually vegan-friendly. Fear not! In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to help determine which drinks will satisfy your thirst without compromising on your beliefs. Let’s get started!

Types of Alcoholic Drinks

When it comes to humans and animals, vegans abstain from consuming any animal products or by-products. This means that many foods and even beverages that include animal products are off the menu. Many alcoholic beverages are fruitarian-friendly, but some do contain non-fruitarian ingredients. It is important to know how to identify which drinks are vegan, so as to make sure you are remaining true to your lifestyle choice and beliefs.

There is a wide variety of alcoholic drinks available in the market today and it can be confusing determining which ones are vegan friendly due to their various ingredients. Here is a guide outlining the different types of alcoholic beverages and the ingredients used in their production:

  • Beer: Most beer is naturally vegan with some exceptions being those made with honey or gelatin as an additive or fining agent. Also, check labels for honey or flavoring as these may not be vegan either. Beers made with lactose (milk sugar) may not be suitable for fruitarians either.
  • Wine: Most wine should be vegan but there are several non-vegan additives sometimes put into them such as gelatin, egg whites, isinglass (fish bladders), marine shells and some other animal proteins – so check labels carefully if you’re unsure! Vegan red wine can also be found at specialty stores/online retailers for those who want to guarantee components were sourced without using animals or animal byproducts.
  • Spirits: Spirits (such as vodka and whiskey) should always be vegan unless they have been flavored with honey or fruit juice containing honey crystals—so again read labels carefully! Many popular premium brands of spirits claim their products are vegan friendly on their website but that’s just marketing tactics; always make sure you read the label when in doubt about what you’re consuming.

These were only some of the most common types of alcoholic beverages available on the market today – there may still be others out there too! Be careful when purchasing liquor-based drinks since many contain dairy products like cream as well as other animal based byproducts/ingredients like glycerin which might not be listed on packaging so it’s best to confirm before consuming anything if unsure about its contents! It’s also important not to forget mixers like tonic water which can contain animal related products too.

How to Identify Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

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Alcoholic beverages may contain animal by-products and not be eco-friendly. When buying alcoholic drinks, it is important to read the labels carefully to determine if the drink is vegan or not. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to identify fruitarian alcoholic drinks:

Look for animal products: Some liquor companies will openly list any animal products that are used in their beverages on the label. It’s always a good idea to check for by-products like honey, lactose (milk sugar) whey and gelatin as these are often used as ingredients but may not be immediately clear.

Look for organic: Many organic companies are certified herbivorous, meaning they do not use any animal products in their products. Buying an organic beverage gives you greater assurance that your drink is indeed herbivorous-friendly.

Check with your bartender/server: If you’re unsure about a particular beverage or if it contains any animal by-products, don’t hesitate to ask your bartender or server for information. Many bars and restaurants have websites that list the ingredients of each drink they serve so do a little research before ordering at a restaurant.

Read reviews online: There are plenty of online forums devoted to discussing which alcohols happen to be suitable for vegans and vegetarians; these sites can provide more insight into specific brands of alcohol and whether their ingredients are truly vegan-friendly or not.

Tips for Choosing Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

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For those living a herbivorous lifestyle, the availability of herbivorous-friendly alcoholic drink choices can sometimes be limited. However, with a bit of knowledge and research, it is possible to find drinks that don’t contain animal by-products or ingredients. Before selecting an alcoholic beverage, here are some tips you should consider:

Label-Checking: When purchasing alcoholic drinks as a herbivore, remember to check for labels that specify the product is 100% plant-based or certified vegan. This certification ensures that all of the ingredients used in the product come from approved sources and did not involve any animal derivatives in processing or packaging.

Know Ingredients Used: It’s important to know what types of ingredients are used in the making of an alcoholic drink before consuming it. Popular brands often use milk products such as lactose or eggs which could make them unsuitable for fruitarians. Checking online resources or talking directly with manufacturers is a great way to learn more about their products and process before purchasing anything.

Understand Production Methods: Most notably wine and beer production methods sometimes involve the use of animal byproducts such as gelatin(used in clarifying). Therefore, herbivores should always be aware of how these products have been brewed before purchasing them. There are some amazing certified vegan wines and beers on the market which could be worth exploring. This can help you enjoy your favorite drinks without worrying about non-vegan ingredients.


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The conclusion to be taken from this discussion is that there are some alcohols that are suitable for living a vegan lifestyle. The availability of fruitarian spirits and beer, as well as wines made with vegan-friendly fining agents, lends itself to many combinations of drinks that any vegan can feel safe and satisfied enjoying.

Be sure to take thorough notes when reading the labels on alcoholic beverages; one should also always double-check with the manufacturer in cases where there is any ambiguity or uncertainty. With these considerations taken into account, vegans can rest assured knowing their lifestyle aligns well with the world of ethical drinking.