Who Cheats More Males or Females

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Let’s be realistic from the beginning of this article – no one wants to get cheated, but also, we know that sometimes we can’t control our urge to do something like that. People cheat, and sometimes even both partners are doing that, being aware of the whole situation. Probably there are different ways people live their lives, including their relationships.

But, there is one bitter question no one can ever answer – who cheats more? Men or women?

Surely, we can’t give a precise answer, but we can still analyze the statistical reports or even services like CheatingBuster Project which offer anti-cheating help.

Many tried to answer the question about who cheats more, and we will also try to give you a nice insight into the issue.

Services like IFStudies often conduct surveys among the general population, so they can compile important reports based on various criteria. So, according to them, one gender is more likely to cheat in a relationship. If you think it’s the men, then you’re absolutely right.

According to the latest update for 2024, 20% of married men cheated on their wives at least once. At the same time, 13% of married women were unfaithful. With this, we can conclude that men cheat more.

Many women would come to the conclusion that ALL men cheat, but we know that this is not true at all. It’s really not fair to blame the entire male population based on a statistic.

Of course, the same research offers other interesting conclusions. For example:

-About 40% of those who have cheated end up getting divorced.

-About 60% of women who have cheated still think that their partner is more attractive than their lover.

-As many as 90% of women who have cheated say that their lover makes them feel more beautiful and attractive.

-Only 30% of men who cheated did it with a younger lover.

-About 18% of millennials have flirted or sexted online with someone other than their current partner at least once.

It is interesting that the population between the ages of 18 and 34 cheats the least, while those who are older than 65 do the most, which is a really interesting fact.

Can we take this data for granted?

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Unsurprisingly, no statistical analysis can be taken for granted. For example, many who have cheated and not been caught would never admit they did it. There are also people who got away with it and would not tell their secrets out loud at any cost.

However, do you know why it is often easier to catch a man cheating than a woman?

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Men are supporters of casual cheating, so they are often not careful and leave evidence of their activities. On the other hand, it is written in the women’s code that if they do such a thing, they will be punished and lose their social status.

These times are far from the past, but such so-called values ​​have long been passed down through the generations. So, women are better at hiding their infidelity, just because they are fighting to hide it and save their social status.

We would say that it is not really fair, but still, we would like to congratulate all the women who have successfully dealt with such situations in their lives.

Are women privileged because of this?

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We cannot say that being able to successfully hide their affair makes women privileged. It is much more about protecting yourself and your children or the whole family than protecting yourself.

We must also know that women are much more skilled when it comes to processing facts, overthinking, creating scenarios, and setting up defense mechanisms. Whether it is a privilege or not is a multi-layered question with many “ifs” in it.

It’s just that they are prepared for every possible scenario before it even happens. Well, if you’re wondering if statistically women cheat less simply because it’s easier for them to hide their affairs, you might be right in your assumption.

Maybe all those statistics against men who cheat are just a result of them not being able to hide well? There is a real chance that this is also true.

On the other hand, all these data are very general and cannot give an exact answer to the question of who cheats more. But if you look at pure statistics, then it is more than clear – men cheat more than women.

Can cheating be prevented?

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You can always work on improving your relationship. Of course, if the love disappears and there is no more passion and attraction, then it is best to end it. However, there are hundreds of other factors that must not be ignored. In the end, it all boils down to the conclusion that if there is still love, attraction, and mutual respect, the relationship can be saved.

But if there is only disgust and hatred between the partners, then the chances of the marriage or relationship being saved are really slim.

In terms of preventing infidelity, every piece of advice is a cliché, and today we will try our best to avoid clichés.

Therefore, we advise that it is best to handle things in a way that causes the least harm to you and the people around you. However, prioritize your happiness and personal satisfaction. At the end of the day, you are the one who has to live your life the way you want.

Would you want to be in an unhappy marriage, while secretly consuming the passion you don’t have in your marriage? We are sure there is a better solution than that.


We hope that all these data and views were interesting for you. Of course, if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, solve the problem in time. If you intend to cheat, also solve the problem in time. However, today we have the freedom to make choices that will improve the quality of our life.

If you are not happy, there is a way to fix it. The same goes for a relationship or marriage.

That would be all you need to know about this interesting phenomenon.