How Manchester United Takeover Could Shake Up The Premier League


The recent announcement that Manchester United are up for sale could prove to be a pivotal moment in the history of the Premier League.

Having ended their 26-year wait to be crowned English champions in 1993, the Red Devils went on to become the dominant force in the EPL.

However, the ill-fated takeover of United by the Glazer family in 2005 ultimately proved to be the catalyst for the club to fall behind their rivals in recent years.

The American owners have been widely criticised by United fans for lining their own pockets while allowing the club to stagnate on and off the field.

While the identity of United’s future owners is currently unknown, it is difficult to imagine they will be as universally disliked as the Glazer family.

With that in mind, we take a closer look at how the Man United takeover could shake up the Premier League over the coming years.

Tackling the ‘noisy neighbours’

Tackling the ‘noisy neighbours’

Sir Alex Ferguson famously called Manchester City ‘noisy neighbours’ in 2009 and they have subsequently gone on to make a massive racket in English football.

The legendary United manager was eager to put City in their place, but their new-found wealth soon proved too hot to handle.

City have become the dominant force in England over the past few years, winning six Premier League titles and several other major trophies.

The first order of business for United’s new owners will be to knock City off their perch – a task that will not be easy given the resources at their disposal.

However, it is worth noting that United still have more global pulling power than their local rivals and that could help their cause over the next few years.

While new ownership does not always guarantee success, at least United fans can start dreaming about fighting equally with City in the future.

Putting Liverpool in their place


Liverpool fans have taken great delight in United’s demise in recent seasons – the takeover should facilitate them being put in their place fairly quickly.

Top news sites such as ManUtdNews recognise the importance of this rivalry to United fans and will be eager to see normal service resumed soon.

For all the crowing that has emanated from Merseyside in recent years, they have not dominated in the same way United did during their glory era.

The Glazers’ decision to sell United undoubtedly comes at a bad time for Liverpool, who were recently put up for sale by Fenway Sports Group.

Whether Liverpool fans like it or not, United are a bigger club with greater global reach, have a bigger stadium and far more commercial appeal.

When you factor in these elements with the investment new owners will provide, it should not take United too long to put Liverpool firmly in their place.

Squashing the upstarts


Several other clubs have ambitions of Premier League success including Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Newcastle United.

Chelsea’s recent takeover should give them every chance of competing, although things have not gone according to plan since Roman Abramovich relinquished control.

The two north London clubs have the potential to be a nuisance, but whether they could compete with a soundly-run United is up for debate.

Newcastle have made a promising start to life under their new Saudi owners, although they have been helped by some of the established big clubs underperforming.

In each case, if United’s new owners live up to expectations, the club should have little difficulty keeping this group of clubs at bay.

None of them can come close to United’s global pulling power when they are flying and the prospective takeover is bad news for all of their rivals.

Shaking up the transfer market


It would be fair to say that much of United’s transfer business has left a lot to be desired during the Glazers’ tenure, but that should change under new owners.

Significant improvements are needed in the scouting and recruitment department to ensure the club stops making silly moves in the transfer market.

New ownership will also give United the opportunity to compete on an equal footing with their main rivals and blow the rest of the competition out of the water.

The club has been guilty of messing around in the transfer market rather making the decisive moves needed to improve the squad.

With a proper infrastructure and financial resources in place, United should once again become the club that everyone fears when they enter a transfer race.

Having been allowed to drift along under the Glazers, new ownership will help United regain their status as the biggest players in the market.

Developing the next generation


United have long been associated with developing young talent, but the production line has suffered significantly under the Glazers.

The club was guilty of resting on their laurels and hoping their reputation would be enough for world-class talents to fall into their lap.

However, while Man City’s academy has been flourishing, United have largely failed to match their achievements in developing young talent in recent years.

Manager Erik ten Hag has now laid down a blueprint for improving the development pathway to ensure the club’s future is secured.

Making United THE club that every youngster wants to sign for will be crucial to their hopes of creating the next generation of superstars.

The acquisitions of young players such as Alejandro Garnacho are a step in the right direction and hopefully point to United regaining their status as the Premier League’s top club.

The final word

For a club that had become so accustomed to winning, the last few years have unquestionably been tough to endure for United fans.

Seeing the Glazers move on should be the first step on the road to a much brighter future. The rest of the Premier League should beware!